Sitecore SPEAK 3.0 Initial Release

SPEAK (Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit) is a framework for developing Sitecore applications with a consistent interface quickly and easily. SPEAK gives you a predefined set of page layouts and components, and a predefined set of user experience guidelines.


Resource Description
SPEAK 3 Sitecore Integration Library (NPM package)

This package provides integration between Angular applications and Sitecore.

SPEAK 3 Angular CLI Tool (NPM package)

This package contains Angular CLI tool. This tool is used as a post-build step for Angular-CLI to convert the index.html file to index.aspx.

SPEAK 3 Business Component Library (NPM package) SPEAK BCL is an Angular component library, that aims to provide a consistent look and feel for Sitecore branded applications. It does not have a dependency to Sitecore and is designed to work nicely in any server environment.
SPEAK 3 Styling Library (NPM package)

This library contains implementation of the Sitecore Design.

Sitecore Icons Library (NPM package)

This package contains implementation of the Sitecore Icons.

SPEAK 3 Reference Application

SPEAK 3.0 sample Angular application. The package includes precompiled version of the application in a Sitecore package and full code version.

Release Information

Resource Description
Release Notes A list of new features, improvements, and fixes that have been implemented in this release.

Documentation for the SPEAK framework