Sitecore Publishing Service 5.0.0

Sitecore Publishing Service is an opt-in module providing an alternative to the default Sitecore publishing mechanism focusing on increased performance by doing operations in bulk.

Note: Sitecore Publishing Service uses a different approach than the default publishing mechanism and is not a like for like replacement. There are differences to UI, integration points, deployment and in some cases publishing behavior.
Sitecore encourages customers to always install latest update of a given version to ensure latest fixes are included in their solution. See all available versions here.

Please go here to find all available versions of Sitecore Publishing Service Modules.

Download options for Sitecore Container deployments

Resource Description
Container Deployment Package

The Sitecore Container Deployment Package contains the Docker Compose and Kubernetes specification files used to deploy Sitecore in development and production container environments.

Sitecore Publishing Service Container Deployment Guide

This guide describes how to deploy the Sitecore Publishing Service and module in containers with Docker Compose and Kubernetes.

Image and Tags List

Link to the official tags list (.md and .json format) of all published Sitecore images available on Sitecore Container Registry (SCR).


Resource Description
Sitecore Publishing Service (32 bit) Publishing Service .NET Core host 32 bit version
Sitecore Publishing Service (64 bit) Publishing Service .NET Core host 64 bit version

Release Information

Resource Description
Release Notes A list of features, improvements, and fixes that have been implemented in this release.
Known Issues Choose this link to access the Sitecore Knowledge Base.
Installation Guide

The installation and configuration procedure for the Sitecore Publishing Service.