Sitecore Connect™ 1.0 software for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sitecore Connect™ unites Sitecore Experience Manager and Sitecore Experience Platform content and data with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Integrate Sitecore Experience Manager or Sitecore Experience Platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the Sitecore Connect 1.0 software is needed for download and installation.

  • This version is compatible with Sitecore version 9.0 Initial Release, 9.0 Update-1 and 9.0 Update-2.
  • The installation is a multi-step process. Documentation is provided to assist you with the installation.

There is no additional connector software necessary from Salesforce. This jointly developed connector is available through Sitecore, and is the only software required to integrate the two platforms.


Resource Description
Installation Package Sitecore Installation Package for Content Management or Standalone role.

Download options for Azure AppService

Resource Description
Installation WebDeploy Package

WebDeploy package for Content Management or Standalone role.

Release Information

Resource Description
Release Notes A list of features, improvements, and fixes that have been implemented in this release.
Installation Guide The installation procedure for the Sitecore Connect software for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.