Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 Update-1

Update-1 to Sitecore's new Commerce product, compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 Update-3 only. More information on alignment between Sitecore Commerce and Sitecore XP update releases is provided in the Sitecore Commerce Compatibility Table

Release 8.2.1 is a new product, not an update to 8.2. For Sitecore Commerce 8.2 products and their release updates please refer to the Sitecore Commerce 8.2 products line-up. Return to all available 8.x versions

Core Downloads

Resource Description
Sitecore Commerce release package

A zip file containing all the core and optional Sitecore Commerce components. Does not include the dependent Sitecore XP software; which is available on the Sitecore Experience Platform downloads page.

Release Information

Resource Description
Release Notes

Release notes for the new Sitecore Commerce product, including Initial Launch and Update-1.

Deployment Guide

Instructions for installing Sitecore Commerce Server 8.2.1 on a single computer in a simple configuration, such as for demonstration or development.


Link to Sitecore Commerce documentation on Sitecore's Documentation Portal.