Sitecore CLI 2.0.0

The Sitecore CLI provides an entry point for interactive and automated command-line interaction with a Sitecore instance, including commands for pulling and synchronizing serialized Sitecore items.

Please note that extensions/customizations to the CLI and Sitecore Management Services module are unsupported. The CLI and module are intended to be used as-is. Please submit feature requests via the Sitecore support portal.
This version of Sitecore CLI is compatible with Sitecore 10.0.
Sitecore encourages customers to always install latest update of a given version to ensure latest fixes are included in their solution. See all available versions here.

Download options

Resource Description
Sitecore Management Services Module ZIP Package Download the Sitecore Management Services module required for the Sitecore CLI.
Sitecore Management Services Module WDP Package Download WebDeploy package for install of the Sitecore Management Services module on Azure App Services.
Sitecore Management Services Module SIF Templates Download Sitecore Installation Framework script and configuration for on-prem install of the Sitecore Management Services module.
Sitecore CLI NuGet Package The "sc-packages" NuGet feed contains the Sitecore CLI "dotnet tool". See documentation for installation details.


Resource Description
Sitecore CLI Documentation Official documentation for the Sitecore CLI.
Container installation reference Instructions for Sitecore Management Services module installation via Dockerfile.
Known issues Known issues for this release in the Sitecore Knowledge Base.