Sitecore Azure 8.0 rev. 150522 Hotfix 68545-1

Sitecore Azure reduces costs and provides scalability and geographical load-balancing by automating the deployment of your Sitecore solution to the Microsoft Azure computing cloud. After you install Sitecore Azure in your internal content management environment, you can use Sitecore Azure to configure your Sitecore Azure subscription and to manage your Sitecore Azure content delivery instances in the cloud. The Sitecore Azure browser-based user interface contains instructions that describe how to obtain a Sitecore Azure subscription.

This hotfix introduces support for the Microsoft Azure SDK version 2.7.1.

Looking for a different version? See all available 8.0 and 8.1 versions.

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Sitecore Azure 8.0 Hotfix 68545-1 Download this package to install Sitecore Azure rev. 150522 Hotfix 68545-1.


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Visit Sitecore Documentation for more information about Sitecore Azure.