Release Notes

December 2022 – released Sitecore Publishing Service 7.0

New features/improvements

Description ADO no.
​​We have added a task scheduling example file for configuring tasks. 526409
​​You can now use Sitecore.Nexus.Consumption 1.5.0. 554809

Breaking changes

Description ADO no.
Support for multiple link databases has been implemented.​​ 475693
Sitecore Publishing Service has been upgraded to .NET 6.​​ 525886

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description ADO no.
​​PublishManager.PublishIncremental() does not publish an item whose workflow has changed while the site is getting published. 405398
​​RulesCache is not cleared when using Publishing Service. 431260
If the SQL connection becomes unavailable during publish, all publish jobs are not processed.​​ 502763
The Serilog ApplicationInsights assemblies have not been included in the OOB installation package of SPS 6.0.0.​​ 517546
​Publishing Service does not publish an empty text field that contains a space.​​ 545168