Release Notes

August 2018, released Sitecore Publishing Service 3.1 Update 1

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
​Parents of related items are not created in the target database when you publish a single item with related items​. 507704 38569
​A concurrency issue in the UseIndex method of the IndexStrategy type causes publishing jobs to get stuck​. 500935, 502222, 505331, 505475, 507005, 512390 36232
​​The Link database is not updated when you publish a clone item. 497092, 500935, 504855, 510305 34137
​Moving child items from one parent item to another and deleting the original parent item can cause grandchild items to be deleted. 510537 39771
​When you publish an entire website, items are not published if publishing restrictions are set on their parent items. 505027, 506239 37748
Some data is missing when you try to publish a clone of a clone.​​ 489118, 501875, 503527 29916
Related items are not republished if the source item has been published already​. 502976, 506499, 506972 34402
​The X86 (32 bit) restriction causes out of memory exceptions to occur during large publishing operations. 510305, 508192 39712
​​​​​​​​An item cannot be unpublished when every version is unpublishable. 276695
​If the original item is changed, its clone item is not indexed correctly in the web index​. 503527 37123
​When you publish a single item and its related items, the parents of the related items are not created in the target database. You can enable this functionality by enabling sc.publishing.relateditems.xml in config/sitecore/publishing. 512904, 512476, 507704 38569
​The Workflow and the Workflow state must not be inherited from the __Standard Values​​. 508072, 508053 38668
​An item is not published if a shared field is changed in one language and then published in another​ language. 501463, 502044, 503662 36156