Release Notes

December 2017, released Sitecore Publishing Service 3.1


New features/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
The Publishing Service now supports App Insights logging​.​ 33592
The performance of Single Item publishing has been significantly improved.​ 495081 32976
The Single Item publish dialog now remembers options that were selected previously. 33885

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Clone items are not deleted from the target database together with the original item​.​ 492780 31186
The Publishing Service does not raise the RemovedVersionRemoteEvent event after you remove a version from target database​. 493114, 493116 31802
​Subitems do not publish after you move them. 32276
Versions of an item that are in the non-default language are deleted after the item moves. 32273
​The web index does not remove old versions of an item.​ 4947025 32187
SaveItem events only generate in the context language when the service moves an item.​ 32491
The service only creates CreatedItemVersion (RemovedVersion) and Saved Events​ actions in one language. ​ 32529
​A cloned item does not update when the original item is updated. 32586
When publishing clones, an exception appears if the original item no longer exists.​ 489050, 497033, 486188, 486311, 487674, 497866, 483423 28056
​The Publishing Service does not take Language security restrictions​ into account. 487135 28748
A cloned item is published when​​ the Related items check box is not selected. 497092 34393
​Invalid cloned item versions are published after you change the publishing restriction​s. 34401
Publishing fails when the publishing targets have display names.​ 496818 33726
​The index record related to the first version of an item is not updated when the second version is published . 496573 33324
​The Solr configuration​​ file uses the wrong field names​ in content availability.​ 495849 33033
​The Update module installation text does not include the correct Dlls for Content Delivery servers. 33300
When you apply a publishing restriction to one item version, the cloned items do not delete from the target database with the original item. 32503
An invalid link database entry prevents publishing​.​ 489050, 492763 29903