Release Notes

October 2017 – released Sitecore Publishing Service 2.1 (rev. 171009)

New features/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Support for 3rd party DLLs has been added at runtime​. 28931
Publishing Service is compatible with 8.2 update-5.
​​A new diagnostics command has been issued to fix revision ID GUID case senstivity problems in Sitecore databases.​​ 30847
​PublishBatchResultProcessor cannot get information about custom fields.​ 26934

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
The Publishing Service does not remove orphaned items as expected. 492759, 492966, 493133, 490914, 490854 30344, 30681, 29771, 28932
An inconsistent value in the _Source field prevents publishing​​. 489050, 486188, 489269 29619
Publish fails when the Index is outside the bounds of the array error. 488223 29482
The Publish Item command does not handle the PublisherOperation table events properly​​. 486845 29058
When publishing clones, an exception is thrown if an original item doesn't have a publishable language.​​ 483965 27684
Remote events may not be added to a target EventQueue due to the concurrency issue. ​ 489712 30833
The Globalization.Translate dictionary cache is not cleared or reset on the publishingservice:cache:clear event​. 487454 29150
There is no information about item publishing in the dialog on Azure. 28809
The target indexes algorithm has been improved to support faster single item publishing in large databases. 491424 30916
​Content availability - A version of the item is considered unpublishable if the next version has a "Publishable From" restriction. 491606 31027
​​The Publishing Service unexpectedly deletes items during single item publish. 491265 31865, 31185