Release Notes

January 2017 - released Sitecore Publishing Service 2.0 (rev. 170130)

Publishing Service 2.0 provides high availability (HA), custom datasources, and improved support for deployment on Microsoft Azure. This version is compatible with Sitecore 8.2 Update-2.

New features/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Support for Azure WebApps deployment. 20941
The Publishing Service now handles transient faults on the Azure SQL Database.​ 20768
Support for custom data sources, for example data from an external database or web API. 19470
You can configure high-availability for the Publishing Service. 22073
There is experimental support for content availability - publishing future versions of content. 21595
The logging configuration​ options have been improved. 22118
​​​The schema tools are now part of the Publishing Service. 21240
Installation of IIS instances is now managed by the Publishing Service and no longer requires a separate powershell.​ 21241
The functionality for modifying the configuration, for example the connection strings, has been moved to the Publishing Service program. 21241
You can run the Publishing Service as an Azure WebApp. 20941

Resolved issues

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
If there are multiple DBs with the same name​, the schema tool only shows one. 21689
Package installation fails when a user installs the same package more than once. 21959
An item version that was removed cannot be unpublished​. 21981
​​​During publishing the service adds brackets to the value in the Revision field​. 22053
Only the English language version is published when a user publishes an item for the first time​. 22058
The schema command throws the 'System.ArgumentNullException' exception when the '' file is missing​. 22110
The values in the Queued jobs dialog box are misaligned. 22180
The Job status is incorrect when publishing fails for one of the targets​. 23087
Some fields in the Publishing dialog are not translated​. 23316
The job status in the Active Jobs panel is incorrect. 23388
Publishing related items does not work in some setups. 23781
In the Launchpad, the DA and DE translation of the Publishing button is missing. 23791
"The publishing service is not running....." message is only displayed in English.​ 23792