Upgrade Information

Upgrade information ODG 1.0 to ODG 8.0 for Sitecore XP


All items in core database and the templates in the master database will be merged (installation options merge/merge). This means that the versions of existing ODG items will be overwritten. (If custom access rights/ template field values have been changed, they will be overwritten).

The following assemblies have been changed:

  • Sitecore.Odg.Application.dll is replaced with Sitecore.Odg.dll.
  • Sitecore.Odg.Presentation.dll is replaced with Sitecore.Odg.Client.dll.

Configuration changes:

  • All configuration files have been moved to …\Website\App_Config\Include\PXM.
  • The old configuration files have been merged to a single Sitecore.Odg.config file.
  • In order not to lose the configuration changes of old configuration files, they are kept in PXM folder with extension .old.