SIF 1.2 - Release Notes

New Features


  • Invoke-IoXmlTask - Allows enabling, disabling and deleting configurations by reading an IO xml file (*.ioxml)
  • Invoke-TransformXmlDoc - Transforms XML documents by applying XML Document Transformation (xdt) files

Bug Fixes


  • Invoke-ResolveCertificatePathConfigFunction - Correctly resolves certificate private key path on Windows 8.1/2012.

Input Hash tables

Some functions make use of internal logic to flatten a hash table into a series of properties which are then set on the object (e.g. in Invoke-AppPoolTask and Invoke-WebsiteTask).

The following fixes have been applied:

  • Multi-level paths will now be correctly flattened.
  • When the key contains the string 'password' it's value will not be logged unless -Verbose is used.