Sitecore IP Geolocations Usage Policy

(last updated 20 April 2015)

A. As a Customer, what am I prohibited from doing?

  1. Except as authorized by applicable law or by Sitecore expressly in a signed written agreement, Customer will not: (i) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover the source code, object code or underlying structure, ideas or algorithms of any part or all of the Services; (ii) rent, lease, lend, distribute, sell, assign, license, or otherwise transfer its right to access and use the Services; (iii) create derivative works based on the Services; or (iv) copy any portion of the Services except as reasonably required for using the Services as permitted by the Agreement;

  2. Allowing any third parties to use the Sitecore Tools or access the Services except as is necessary to assist Customer in its Permitted Usage of the Services, and further provided that such use is within the scope of the activities Customer is itself authorized to perform under the Agreement, where Customer is fully liable to the extent allowed by law for any unauthorized use of the Sitecore Tools and/or the Services by third parties caused by any acts or omissions of Customer;

  3. Using the Services to provide Geolocation Functionality for applications or products accessible to anyone other than you or your employees;

  4. Using the Services to develop a database, infobase, online or similar database service, or other information resource in any media (print, electronic, or otherwise, now existing or developed in the future) for sale to, distribution to, display to, or use by others;

  5. Attempting to, or gaining unauthorized access to, the Services, or using, copying or otherwise accessing any portion of the Services for which Customer has not made a payment to Sitecore (if for any reason, you access such Services, these terms and conditions apply to your use of the Services and you agree to pay all applicable charges).

B. As a Customer, what must I do?

  1. In the event you become aware of any known or suspected violation by User(s) of this Sitecore Usage Policy, you shall immediately: (a) notify Sitecore in writing of the violation, (b) suspend such User’s access to any aspect of the Services, and (c) cooperate with Sitecore in any investigation of such known or suspected violation by User(s).

  2. Customer acknowledges that the Services are designed with capabilities for Customer to access the Sitecore Tools without regard to geographic location and to transfer or otherwise move Customer Data and Customer Applications between the Sitecore Tools and other locations such as Customer workstations. Customer shall authorize and manage Customer User accounts, as well as export control and geographic transfer of Customer Data and Customer Applications. Customer shall not undertake any actions to transfer of any EEA Personal Data to territories outside the EEA under this Agreement and Customer shall promptly notify Sitecore of any such transfer of EEA Personal Data that would require entering a model contract or other approved mechanism under the EUDPD and/or FADP.

  3. Customer shall bear all responsibility for and protect the privacy and legal rights of all Users, and provide legally adequate privacy notices and protection for the Users.

  4. Customer shall retain all responsibility and liability arising from any Customer Data or Customer Applications used in conjunction with the Services.

  5. Customer shall require all of Customer’s Users to comply with this Sitecore Usage Policy. If Customer provides terms to Users that create greater liability to Customer than the liability assumed by Sitecore under this Agreement, Customer agrees it will not have any recourse against Sitecore for such terms.