Release Notes

April 2019 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1.1

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.


Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1.1 includes:

  • You can now run other templates before the ARM templates, which is useful when installing Solr and other services.
  • Several security improvements have been implemented.

New features/improvements

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
ARM Templates It is now possible to run other templates before the ARM templates, which is useful when installing Solr and other services.​​
ARM Templates When you deploy Sitecore as a production system, you must set the​ SITECORE_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE setting to Production. All the other values for this setting indicate a non-production system

Experience Profile ​​The logging of xConnect connections errors has been improved.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
ARM Templates ​​​The ARM templates do not support the installation of prerequisites.​
Campaign Creator The Experience Analytics button does not work correctly.​​ ​​
Email Experience Manager ​​​The Sitecore.EmailCampaign.ExperienceAnalytics.Dimensions.ByLocation method uses the LookupManager instead of the GeoIpManager​.
Email Experience Manager The heartbeatConfiguration/exclude collection does not contain any EXM connection strings​.​​
Email Experience Manager ​​​The suppression list from Email Delivery Cloud​​ is not updated​​.
Email Experience Manager ​When you create a new language version of an email, it uses the ReplyTo, FromAddress and FromName field values of the default root manager version of the current content language​​. ​​
Email Experience Manager ​​The default ​Base URL​ setting does not work consistently for email message links.
Email Experience Manager The EXM UI allows you to edit an item when the language:read and language:write access rights are denied.​​​​
Email Experience Manager ​​EXM tries to remove a contact from the include lists even when no contact lists are assigned​​ to the contact.
Email Experience Manager If an Already Unsubscribed URL points to an item under the SXA module​, it is not resolved correctly. ​​​
Email Experience Manager ​​If the Is Valid Url and Is Valid Email validators use Redis cache, they cause exceptions.
Email Experience Manager ​​​EXM campaigns are not tracked correctly for shared sess​ion users​​.
Email Experience Manager ​​The Email Delivery Cloud Connector causes a SQL exception​​.
Email Experience Manager ​​You cannot attach a versioned media item to a message​​.
Email Experience Manager ​​The property store is not cleared during the confirm subscription process​​.
Email Experience Manager You cannot remove nodes from the property table if subscription confirmation is not performed​.​​
Email Experience Manager An incorrect Contact id is null. message is logged in the Execute method of the Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Cd.Actions.SendEmail class when the contactIdentifier is set to Null​.​​​
Email Experience Manager ​​An item that calls the deprecated CleanConfirmationID's command is still present in the Content Editor.​​
Email Experience Manager ​​​When you change language, EXM displays the wrong name for the language.
Experience Analytics ​​When the language cookie is not set properly, ​graphs fail to load.
Experience Analytics ​​​When you reduce the size of a segment​, some error details are lost. 481540 156838
Experience Editor In preview mode, a simulated device does not appear until you touch the zoom control.​ ​​ 442400, 466871, 514370 51575, 389153
Experience Editor ​​​The UrlRewriter ToLower rule causes lowercase SPEAK requests to fail and breaks the Experience Editor. 458590, 459403, 462757, 472674, 484589, 485539, 492622, 513736 99659
Experience Editor ​​In some cases, changing the language in the Experience Editor can redirect to another hostname.​ 458808, 462695, 510497, 510504 101318
Experience Editor In Internet Explorer 11, in a single-line text field,​ the [No text in field] hint text disappears. ​​ 474536, 480921, 481855, 484972, 485344, 491222, 495821, 498579, 503889 140555
Experience Editor In the Experience Editor, the Enforce Version Presence setting breaks language switching. ​​ 479596, 488630, 489517, 494375, 499855, 510042, 510087, 522860 151776
Experience Editor ​​If the Associated content checkbox is selected, an error occurs when you refresh an MVC-based page. 484299, 486192, 500282, 500492, 501281, 503734, 509976, 511134 167521
Experience Optimization The Failed to load Sitecore.ContentTesting.Requests.Controllers.PersonalizationRule.PersonalizationRuleController​ error occurs on PaaS instances​. ​​ 525187 289361
Experience Optimization ​​In a workflow, the RemoveTestAction workflow action prompts the user even when no test is defined.​​ 508013 226334
Experience Optimization ​​​In the XP Scaled topology, a Rebuild Suggested Tests Index error can occur on the Processing server. 512103 231573
Experience Optimization ​​If the Sitecore.ContentTesting.PreemptiveScreenshot.config file is enabled, ​​​tickets for the virtualssuser user are never deleted from the Properties table. 507390, 512643, 516754, 516978 220835
Experience Optimization In the Content editor, if Azure search is used on a Sitecore instance, the This page has an active test. warning is not displayed​​. ​​ 502516, 506557, 508913, 510945, 512706, 520756 213261
Experience Optimization When a device rule is set​​, preemptive screenshot generation breaks package installation. ​​ 498809, 500385, 506562, 508789, 511693 201408
Experience Optimization ​​​ScreenshotContextFactory cannot create a temporary session when OwinContext is used.​​ 499201, 510375, 511212, 511945, 512124, 520344, 524238, 525082 200938
Experience Optimization In Experience Optimization, when the language of the pages is different from the Sitecore UI language​, the GetConversionRate controller returns null. ​​ 485164, 486434, 489212, 491516, 497008, 498374, 503716, 524463 169224
Experience Optimization The TestPotential computed index field raises an error in Experience Manager mode.​​ ​​ 471787, 513180 74222
Experience Optimization ​​In Chrome, when you create a page test, the SetUserProfileKey error appears in the browser console. 479142, 487004 147372
Experience Optimization ​​​In Chrome and Firefox, the Percentage of visitors exposed to test slider does not work. 478441, 496348 147455
​​If the Sitecore.ContentTesting.PreemptiveScreenshot.config file is enabled, ​​​tickets for the virtualuser user are never deleted from the Properties table. 507390, 512643, 516754, 516978 220835
Experience Profile ​The Experience Profile does not show all the contacts that match the specified date filters.​​ 520283 296160
Experience Profile ​​​When you search for contacts, incorrect count results are displayed. 507095, 513892, 518834 219986
Experience Profile ​​When you view a contact that has had EXM related interactions, errors are written to the Experience Profile log.​ 503554, 504184, 506066 212956
FXM ​​FXM site visits are logged in the Content testing processing tables and this degrades performance. 518625 294104
Item Buckets Content Search ​It is no longer possible to use iFilter for PDF content extraction during indexing.​​ 305016
List Manager The List Manager​​​​​ adds a website#lang cookie. ​​ 228494
List Manager ​​Contact filtering breaks the list view.​​ 234841
List Manager The Segment Editor doesn't have a loading spinner​.​​​ 233801
List Manager ​​Contact filtering does not work in the list view.​​ 232777
List Manager Ajax calls to the RemoveMedia action are not executed.​​​​ 97724
List Manager ​​​​Several security fixes​ have been implemented. 287399
List Manager ​​Import from a csv file doesn't work correctly if the Media.UploadAsVersionableByDefault setting is set to true​​​. 82445
Marketing Automation ​​​​In a campaign overview​, an incorrect value is shown in the current contacts count. 255836
Marketing Automation ​​The marketing automation-related rules do not work with campaigns that are created in a different language. 290106
Marketing Automation ​​If the LivePageEventInspector.Process method calls the Logger.LogError method, it does does not write anything to the log files. 300229
Marketing Automation ​​An incorrect model is used in Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.OperationsClient.AutomationOperationsClient.SerializerSettings. 300236
Marketing Automation The View contacts report for an automation plan does not show any contacts if one contact has been anonymized​​.​​​ 292532
Marketing automation ​​​When you save, edit, activate, and deactivate a marketing automation plan in the designer, the ReentryModeJSON property changes unexpectedly. 297306
Marketing Foundation ​​In a request to the Sitecore Cortex Processing Blob and Table Storage services, if the parameters contain special characters, such as, '<', '="">', '.', or a space, the request is regarded as invalid and an error appears in the response. 222870
Marketing Foundation Renaming an item fails if the item template was not found.​​ 288845
Marketing Foundation The Sitecore.Marketing.Taxonomy API utilizes an inefficient overload of the Sitecore.Framework.Conditions.ValidatorExtensions.Evaluate(this ConditionValidator validator,Expression<><t,>> expression)</t,> method.​​ 294843
Marketing Foundation Publishing an item fails while publishing related items when the ContentManagement, Processing, and Report​ing roles are combined and configured on a Sitecore instance.​​​ 256850
Marketing Foundation The Remove broken links page (/sitecore/admin/removebrokenlinks.aspx​) fails with ​an exception when the ContentManagement, Processing, and Report​ing roles are combined and configured on a Sitecore instance.​​ 205439
Marketing Foundation ​​The creation of marketing goals fails with an ​exception when the ContentManagement, Processing, and Report​ing roles are combined and configured on a Sitecore instance. 256873
Marketing Foundation ​​​The Sitecore.Marketing.Solr.IndexConfiguration.config and Sitecore.Marketing.Azure.IndexConfiguration.config files contain an incorrect definition for the fields in the section: SOLR and Azure Search do not support the indexType="UNTOKENIZED" attribute​ 234449
Marketing Foundation ​​When a profile item is deleted, the profile is not removed from the Tracking field. 92783
Marketing Foundation ​​The GeoIpManager.GetGeoIpData​ API resolves the geo data incorrectly when the GeoIpOptions.Id property is not initialized by the calling code. 104154
Marketing Foundation ​When a non-existent entity is loaded from XConnect, an uninformative message is shown. 518147, 514237 293460
Marketing Foundation ​In the Cortex Processing Engine, when the parent task fails, the status of the dependent tasks is not published to the message bus.​​​ 289011, 288997
Marketing Foundation ​​When the processing engine stops and restarts, the agents enter a race condition.​​ 300458
Marketing Foundation In a contact merge operation, the In-Memory target contact object is not updated with the source contact facets and only has the ProfilePicture facet. ​​ 288395
Marketing Foundation ​​The HTTP 410 response status code from Microsoft Machine Learning Server is handled in the same way as the HTTP 404 response status code and treated as a session expiration.​ 257489
Marketing Foundation If you use xConnect Search with Azure Search and perform a rebuild, xConnect Search can throw some errors.​​​ 293883
Marketing Foundation ​​​The SqlTaskDataProvider UpdateTotalAsync​(Guid, Guid, long) method throws an exception when you update a deferred task.​ 288139
Marketing Foundation ​​The Goal was triggered during a past or current interaction personalization condition returns an incorrect result when it is evaluated. 129513
Marketing Foundation ​​​The value that is specified in the Standard Values for a DateTime field in an item is not added to the search index. 222670
Marketing Foundation ​​​In the Solr schema for the xConnect search index, integer, and float fields are set to be stored and indexed. 294301
Marketing Foundation ​​In some on-premise environments, xConnect can crash after an AppDomain recycle.
For more information about this, see this KB article:
Miscellaneous When a language version is missing, sorting, publishing, and other functionality does not work for items that contain shared fields.​​ 121386
Miscellaneous Various security vulnerabilities have been fixed.​​ 288823
Miscellaneous ​​When you change the media item template, this change is not reflected in the Web database.​ 308093
Miscellaneous The FilteredItemsCache is not cleared if CacheKeyIndexing is enabled​.​​ 221390
Miscellaneous ​​​In the Search tab, ​Search by Version does not work as expected​. 224039
Miscellaneous​ The Search by language filter is case sensitive.​​ 224960
Miscellaneous ​​​A request to default.aspx leads to NotFound instead of to NoAccess with restricted anonymous access. 257275
Miscellaneous ​​​In the Experience Editor, you can preview an item that has Publish Restrictions set on item level because the ItemCache indexing and filteredItemsCache size parameters do not determine the behavior of items with Publish Restrictions in Preview mode in the Experience Editor. This behavior is different from that of older versions. 257901
Miscellaneous The X-Frame-Options Header< is="" not="" set="" in="" the="">FedAuth HandleLoginUrl<7em> processor​.​​​ 292718
Miscellaneous ​​​The Script cache is not updated when a script item is modified.​ 287353
Miscellaneous ​​​Sitecore.Caching.RuleCache is not cleared properly when a rule is changed​. 288734
Miscellaneous ​​​Validation suppression doesn't work with item path​. 292350
Miscellaneous ​The Cookie: .ASPXAUTH and sitecore_userticket cookies remain valid for 10 minutes after logging out.​​ 297587
Miscellaneous ​​​There is a duplicate binding redirect for the System.Net.Http library​​​. 307226
MVC ​​​If an HttpException occurs, the inner exception is not shown in PageModeRenderingErrorStrategy.HandleError. 477074 145188
MVC ​​When you use the Html.Partial helper, ​a partial view cannot be found. 471471 130238
MVC ​​​​If the Home item has a child item that has the same name as an alias, the alias refers to the wrong item. 510224 226035
MVC ​​​The Mvc.RenderersViewFolder setting is not used for non-precompiled views​. 511036 232129
MVC ​​If and action contains the RouteAttribute attribute, it breaks some Sitecore applications. 500170 206280
Path Analyzer ​​​Device related conditions do not work during aggregation. 234106
Security API ​Federation Authentication does not support Reverse Proxy​.​​ 518280, 522275 293209
Security API If you enable the Owin.config file in preview mode, it gives an error. ​​ 519138, 519138 292971
Security API Insecure deserialization in SitecoreAntiCsrfModule can cause commands to be executed insecurely. 312864, 293863
Sitecore Azure UpdateTaskStatus throws a SQL exception in Azure. 299693
Sitecore Forms ​If a user submits a form after their session has expired, the post request returns error 500, which is not a helpful message.​​ 159965
Sitecore Forms ​​If a user submits a form with the default list item selected, no register post request is sent and incorrect metrics are recorded. 161122
Sitecore Forms ​​When a session ends, the user is not taken to the Login window. 171812
Sitecore Forms The current goal/campaign/outcome/page name is not shown in the list of selected save actions​.​​ 158690
Sitecore Forms ​​When a form contains several fields with identical field names, the metrics are displayed incorrectly. 167444
Sitecore Forms ​​When the Redirect to a page submit action is used, ​the form uses the en language.​ 511165 228498
Sitecore Forms If a user renames one of the form language versions, the language versions in the form list are not updated and the user must refresh manually.​​ 214209
Sitecore Forms ​​​If the language cookie is not present, Sitecore Forms switches to the en language. After you submit a form, it is rendered in the default language instead of the selected language. 513662 234709
Sitecore Forms ​​​​When a user enters a date, a register POST request is sent for each digit of the year and incorrect metrics are recorded. 173652
Sitecore Forms When a user tries to export data for a form that contains no submitted data, ​a confusing error message is displayed that suggests there is data.​​ 501064, 505268, 507073, 510870, 523548, 526237 169470
Sitecore security ​​A default profile is not added to newly created external users. 502240, 502393, 507749, 509369 209306
Sitecore security ​Cannot redirect to Sitecore Identity Server in IE.​​ 287611
Sitecore security The Sitecore Identity cookies are not secure​.​​ 292850
Sitecore security ​​​The Sitecore Identity WDP package contains PDB files. 289641
Sitecore security ​​There is an improper restriction of the XML External Entity Reference ('XXE') (CWE ID 611) in the Sitecore.Mvc.dll​. 228681
Sitecore security ​​Several security vulnerabilities have been fixed. 312864, 293863, 287399
Sitecore security ​​​ The Refresh token exchange fails when the client application restarts​. 257990
Sitecore Services Client ​​An exception occurs when controllers are decorated with both [ServiceController] and [Route]. 289092
Sitecore Services Client ​​​The ItemService Search feature processes the version parameter​ incorrectly. 513471 249938
Sitecore Services Client ​Invalid characters - \n or \r - are entered in the response reason phrase​.​​ 214235
Sitecore Services Client ​​​There are unnecessary DI registrations in Sitecore Services Client. 184213
Sitecore Services Client ​​​When a request uses an access token that has expired, the response contains a stack trace. 486465, 493123 114299
Sitecore Services Client ​​Sitecore Services Client exposes the real path of the file system in a response. 131845