Release Notes

June 2018 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 Update 2 (rev. 180604)

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Marketing Automation ​The introduction of a cache for the evaluation of live event definitions has improved the performance of Marketing Automation processing.​​ 205903
Marketing Foundation ​​New XP cloud WDPs have been introduced that support the use of existing Solr instances. 216764
Marketing Foundation There is now extended logging for the failed contacts merge operation. The new log message lists the xDB operations in the batch with their statuses and other details that can help handle any failed merges.​​ 205733
Marketing Foundation ​XConnect search index only contains target contacts and their interactions when it performs a contact merge. The new model file Sitecore.XConnect.Collection.ContactMerge.Model, 1.0.json is required by the XConnect Search Indexer.​ 203524
Marketing Foundation ​​XConnect now copies interactions to the target contact of a contact merge.​​ 203217
Marketing Foundation ​​In xConnect, data extraction now returns the interactions of merged contacts that point to the merge's target contact. 203522
Marketing Foundation ​​​​​​​​​Solr Cloud is now supported in both Experience Management (XM) and the Experience Platform (XP). We support Solr Cloud with Content Search and Behavioural (Experience) Analytics Search through xConnect. Scaling is supported through replicas and shards via the standard Solr Cloud functionality. ​ 186565
Marketing Foundation ​​xConnect now supports significantly more types of list queries. 183635, 193119
Marketing Foundation ​​The Segmentation Engine now contains additional conditions that use the newly supported xConnect queries. 197847
Marketing Foundation ​XConnect now supports index rebuilding in cloud deployments.​​ 173495, 219041
Marketing Foundation When a visit comes from a known referrer but the url contains no keywords, the web visit keywords are filled with the Not Provided string​​.​ 96029
Miscellaneous xConnect now supports MongoDB storage for the collection database. It is disabled by default.​ 211772
Miscellaneous ​Sitecore XP 8.2 Update 7 is merged into Sitecore XP 9.0 Update 2.​
MVC ​​​​The ParseDataSource pipeline now parses rendering data sources. 191068
MVC ​Lower StringWriter use optimizes the performance of the Placeholder helper method and the memory usage of ControllerRenderer.​ 171436
MVC ​​There are some grammar errors in the Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.config file​. 181639
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure To avoid downtime, you can now switch Azure Search indexes on rebuild. ​​​ 495279, 486505, 485220, 493588, 491750, 478130, 485664, 484750 146822
Sitecore Services Client Web APIs can now be restricted with rate limiting controlled either by code attributes or API key configuration.​ 175268
Solr The connection string for Solr server has been renamed and moved to the ConnectionStrings.config file.​​
Update Installation Wizard ​The new Update Center application has been introduced.

The Update Center recommends the updates and hot fixes that should be automatically downloaded and installed based on your current instance of Sitecore XP and the modules that you have installed.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Configuration ​​The <sc.include> tag cannot be resolved correctly when it is used in a separate configuration file in the Include folder​​​​. 91385, 334965
Content Editor ​Placeholder settings are not synchronized correctly between the item and standard values. 95102, 412219
Content Editor ​Links to the placeholder settings item are stored as paths instead of as IDs.​​ 96322, 440335
Device Detection ​The Discovery service returns null when the X-ScS-Api-Version header is not included in the request. ​ 204514
Email Experience Manager The ​HostNameMapping definitions do not work with a "/" at the end of the definition.​​ 214105
Email Experience Manager ​​The component name is missing in the global header. 198856
Email Experience Manager The encoding of the message text changes after it is saved.​​ 196523
Email Experience Manager Attachments cannot be removed from a message.​​ 201444
Email Experience Manager The ConvertPageEventDataToEmailEvent processor can crash the convertToXConnectEvent pipeline​​.​ 203891
Email Experience Manager Dispatch does not support segmented lists​​.​​ 202052
Email Experience Manager ​​Duplicate interactions are created for sent events​​. 204727
Email Experience Manager Message Statistics do not update regularly because cached data​​ is used.​​ 204936
Email Experience Manager ​Usage data for a subscription cannot be seen, if the UI is not in English. 212505
Email Experience Manager ​​An email campaign is only published in the client language. 211150
Email Experience Manager The number of recipients that are included/excluded in the message info panel may change after the dispatch has started/finished.​​ 205093
Email Experience Manager Some items have broken links in the core database.​​ 206470
Email Experience Manager WebContent.DownloadString hides exception details.​​ 216385
Email Experience Manager The number of recipients that are logged for automated campaigns is incorrect.​​ 196902
Email Experience Manager ​The Unsubscribe from all action does not work for automated campaigns​. 214063
Email Experience Manager ​​Personalization does not work. 214131
Email Experience Manager ​​​A NullReferenceException occurs if no Email facets are set for the contact​. 216851
Email Experience Manager ​Bounced messages are not recognized by EXM. 220196
Email Experience Manager The BouncedMessageHandler contains a Null reference exception.​ 220189
Experience Analytics ​​​​In flexible dimensions, the Expression field on a metric does not work as expected. 502300 20796
Experience Analytics ​The monetary value metrics are not available in the metric drop down list. 19373
Experience Editor ​​​A Multi-Line Text field does not work correctly when you press enter ​in Firefox. 505515 217458
Experience Editor ​The Web Edit dialog overrides the standard values if the field is not rendered with <sc:Control ../>​. 467502, 479847 120811
Experience Editor ​​When you paste text from the clipboard to a Rich Text field, the new lines are wrapped in extra <div> tags. 430850, 402015, 454161, 478715 94681, 402492
Experience Editor ​The One or more items have been changed.​ warning dialog appears unnecessarily when you edit a page with datasources. 503366, 448849, 466312, 469064, 471940, 474816, 470397, 479680, 482342, 490818, 494914, 494913, 495678, 496623, 493503, 498146, 499759, 500580, 504613, 500163 76398
Experience Editor ​​When language fallback is enabled​, ​unlocking an item creates a new version of the item. 458603, 464410, 468730, 471168 100325
Experience Editor ​If a page has numerous datasources, the ​Experience Editor can hang for a long time​. 503276, 504556, 487406, 493522, 492186, 495332, 489411, 498875, 499884, 500516, 501558, 504864, 500370 171097
Experience Editor ​​​In CMS-only mode, the Experience Editor uses Content Testing's search indexes. 494959, 497696, 474809 193566
Experience Editor ​When you add a rendering to the shared layout of the Base Template item, it is not saved. 496462, 500298 194671
Experience Editor ​​​Renderings on the shared layout of the Base Template are displayed in the Experience Editor when the renderings are only added to the Final Layout.​​ 496462, 500298 194672
Experience Editor ​If the datasource of the selected rendering refers to many items, the Usages dialog takes a long time to load. 499860 204256
Experience Editor If an item has many versions in many languages, it takes a long time to unlock the page in the Experience Editor. 501644 206645
Experience Profile ​​Search filters behave inconsistently. 195151
Experience Profile ​​The position of the Header is inconsistent with the rest of Sitecore. 195153
Experience Profile The filter and the search results are not aligned correctly.​​ 195252
Experience Profile ​When you select a node in a filter, it does not propagate to its descendant nodes. 499379 201779
Experience Profile ​​The page views are shown in the event list. 499986 202620
Experience Profile ​​The Latest visit column in the search results shows incorrect values. 502658 209357
Experience Profile ​​The root page of a website does not display properly in event views. 499808,504074,504429 210047
Experience Optimization ​​Errors are thrown when a personalization test is not shown to every visitor. 498334 200951
Experience Optimization ​​The screenshots for content testing are not generated correctly in some cases. 497718, 502501 198419
Experience Optimization ​​An exception occurs if the original test variant is renamed. 440560, 478138, 477917 149565
Experience Optimization ​A Page test doesn't work when the New page version option is selected. 503650, 477174, 478905, 484565, 492604, 503917 145021
Experience Optimization ​​​An exception occurs in Content Testing when it is configured to use SOLR. 439573, 444037, 430516, 439249, 438067, 440238, 438839, 493669 95883, 431160
Experience Optimization ​​The Personalized Experience report can show incorrect data​ in specific cases. 463200, 483148, 491878 115389
Editor Optimization ​​When the latest version of an item is locked​, you cannot personalize any other version of the item. 501166 153687
Federated Experience Manager (FXM) ​​​Renderings based on a custom template that is inherited from the standard templates don't work in the FXM. 502080 208830
Marketing Automation ​Certain Automation Plan designs can lead to contacts being caught in an infinite loop inside the plan, bypassing the logic of the Plan Regulator.​ 195988
Marketing Automation ​The Select activity modal dialog only shows the activity type name instead of the entered name.​​ 199631
Marketing Automation ​A condition sometimes prevented live events from being processed inside the session. 221685
Marketing Automation Purging a contact from a specific automation plan may remove the AutomationPlanEnrollmentCache facet, even if the contact is enrolled in other plans.​​ 204270
Marketing Foundation ​The Experience Analytics and Path Analyzer applications fail to start on a Sitecore instance that is configured with the following role combination: Content Management, Processing, and Reporting . 205757
Marketing Foundation The Sitecore.Xdb.Configuration.DefinitionDatabase.Name property returns an incorrect database name when the analyticsDefinitions attribute of the site is set to content.​​​ 197098
Marketing Foundation ​​​Search and indexing do not support ​the properties of Dictionary collections. 200659
Marketing Foundation ​Search and indexing do not support the properties of Dictionary type collections. 200659
Marketing Foundation In xConnect, search and indexing do not access a custom facets' properties if they are in nested collections.​ 200659, 201243
Marketing Foundation ​​In xConnect, the following performance counters do not include time when they are used in async operations:
  • CreateInteractionCursorAvgTime
  • CreateContactCursorAvgTime
  • SplitInteractionCursorAvgTime
  • SplitContactCursorAvgTime
  • ReadInteractionCursorAvgTime
  • ReadContactCursorAvgTime
  • GetContactsByIdAvgTime
  • GetContactsByIdentifierAvgTime
  • GetDeviceProfilesAvgTime
  • GetInteractionsByIdAvgTime
  • GetInteractionsByContactIdAvgTime
  • GetDataCurrentIndexedTokenAvgTime​​
Marketing Foundation ​​The TaxonomyTypeMapper class is not thread safe. 207975
Marketing Foundation ​When you merge calculated facets, the XdbContext Batch Execution and DuplicateTargetException exceptions occur. ​ 162617
Marketing Foundation ​An ISO date time is converted to an invalid format in conditions when an automation plan is deserialized​.​​ 205994
Marketing Foundation The Sitecore.Marketing.xMgmt.Definitions.ItemEventHandler​ class throws a NullReferenceException when you save an item and the template for the item cannot be found.​ 218508
Marketing Foundation ​The GenericProcessing_GetState routine returns the state for the entire GenericProcessingPool table instead of returning the state for a specific processing pool. 218475
Marketing Foundation ​​The MergeInfo facet is copied from the source contact to the target contact when you run the merge data upgrade tool.​ 216819
Marketing Foundation ​​The ​​Marketing Operations API fails to log messages that contain curly brackets and this prevents exceptions from being logged. 215146
Marketing Foundation ​The Select Media dialogue returns no results when the Solr search provider is configured. 96333
Miscellaneous ​Using some specific culture may lead to an ​exception when you update the index through the API. 178247
Miscellaneous ​​Cache sizes can be greatly underestimated. 186408
Miscellaneous ​​​InstallLanguage.aspx does not install languages correctly in the Sitecore.DefaultLanguage.config ​file. 193842
Miscellaneous ​​SheerResponse.CheckModified() behaves incorrectly in the <uiNewFileFolder> pipeline​. 196038
Miscellaneous ​​​SheerResponse.CheckModified() does not respect postback requests in the <uiNewFileFolder> pipeline.​ 196041
Miscellaneous It takes a long time to render pages that contain a large number of renderings.​ 197284
Miscellaneous When you run the SolrCloud setup, the code executes Commit commands.​ 196510
Miscellaneous ​When the EnforceAliasCreation setting is disabled, indexes are not swapped by the SwitchOnRebuildSolrCloudSearchIndex method. 200229
Miscellaneous ​​​Resetting child item sorting creates new versions for those child items that did not have any versions. 201483
Miscellaneous A general link fails when no item ID is provided for the internal link.​ 203014
Miscellaneous When there is more than one typeMatch with the same type attribute, the Search Log is flooded with WARN messages.​​ 204414
Miscellaneous ​​A custom language is not resolved as item.​ 206103
Miscellaneous When the Publishing.CheckSecurity setting is set to true, non-admin users are not able to publish content items even when they have all the appropriate security permissions 206940
Miscellaneous ​​In the Rich Text Editor, there are labels missing in the Table Wizard and Style Builder dialogs.​ 208388
Miscellaneous ​​The search handler allows cross-site request forgery. 214241
Miscellaneous ​​A NOT_A_VALID_FILESYSTEM_PATH file in the website folder breaks media resolution and causes memory leaks. 219814
Miscellaneous ​The Change Icon dialog does not open correctly. 221573
Miscellaneous ​When you save an item that has fatal validation errors, the workflow state is changed.​​ 91876, 347304
Miscellaneous ​​Extra index updating jobs are registered. 92575, 365210
Miscellaneous ​​The Change Password dialog throws an exception when the user is locked out. 94099, 392305
Miscellaneous The returnURL is encoded twice on the login page. ​​ 108874
Miscellaneous ​​Item changes are processed multiple times during indexing. 94995, 409267
Miscellaneous ​​​The Indexing manager always updates the last item in the history.​ 95244, 416108
Miscellaneous ​​​A new language version is added when you change the sorting​. 95401
Miscellaneous When using the Redis session state provider, a non-optimal mechanism for processing expired sessions data causes Sitecore to crash due to the heavy load.​​​ 500283 204592
MVC ​​​If you implement a custom DI container, it causes a memory leak. 500310, 489556, 486797, 487898, 485967 166675
MVC There is an Open Red​irect issue in the Sitecore.MVC.dll file.​ 206202
Path Analyzer ​​In the Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.RemoteClient.config and Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.Services.RemoteServer.config​ files, the role:require values are incorrect. 500473, 500838, 501465, 502229 203749
Path Analyzer ​​​Path Analyzer maps relating to language are in an incorrect workflow state.
Platform ​There are some grammatical errors in the Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.config file​.​​ 205319
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​The ComputedIndexField cannot be computed for the Home item during a full index rebuild​.​​ 211597
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​Search results only contain 50 items by default.​​ 492451, 491431, 481646, 479281, 497256, 495805, 492125 147550, 147551
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​​​In the Content Editor, when a user filters search results by language, the filter is not applied. ​​ 205818
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​Searching by _fullpath does not return any results if the _fullpath includes empty spaces.​​ 200381
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​Corrupted items prevent users from rebuilding indexes in Azure deployments.​ 498128, 500140, 498447, 495086 198669
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​​When you use Azure search queries to search for items in a specific language that contains a hyphen in its name, for example, en-AU, the results contain items from every language.​​ 502743, 491928, 487773, 501874, 496438 171546
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​Searches that contain multiple words return documents that don't match the whole search phrase. ​​ 500897, 491064, 481633, 501874, 498841 147386
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​​On Azure, web indexes can not be rebuilt from a CM server. ​​​ 499125, 495819 194495
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​​The return type is not resolved correctly for computed field. ​​​ 502689, 506226, 510589 209312
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure ​​​ Ports leak when requests are throttled.​​​ 498961, 502945, 517404, 528788 203909
Sitecore Forms ​Internet Explorer crashes when a user tries to close the Currency drop-down list. 166595
Sitecore Forms ​​When a form is created in a language that is not the default language (and the default language is not created), the form is not shown in the general list in the Forms application. The form is available, but is only shown when the user selects the relevant selected client language in the Forms application.​ 183845
Sitecore Services Client ​OData Item API search queries do not respect the orderby query option. 192850
Sitecore Services Client The AssembliesFromResolver property from the Sitecore.Services.Infrastructure.Sitecore.ApplicationContainer sometimes causes unacceptably large memory allocation, high CPU usage, and increased garbage collection.​​​ 206938