Release Notes

June 2017 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 Update 4 (rev. 170614)

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
API The scope of the Caching.DebugEnabled setting on the Remove(object key) and Remove(Predicate predicate) methods has been extended.
Configuration In DEBUG mode, all the boosting logs are set to Verbose.
96907, 453974
Item Buckets API The facet-related code was optimized for better performance.
145292, 146428, 145306, 96751, 451348
Miscellaneous The CdnPath and CdnDebugPath URLs now use HTTPS.
Web Forms for Marketers When you create a form, the default engagement value is 100.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
API DeviceItem.FindBestMatch does not fallback to the default device when an exception is raised in MatchesRules.
API An incorrect value in the SourceItem field causes GetItemUriFromSourceItem to fail.
API An incorrect value in the __Source Item field breaks all the API calls to the item. 
Caching The ItemCache is not updated after the RestoreItemCompletedEvent.  
Content Editor The Content Editor behaves unreliably when an item contains more than 255 fields.
Content Editor When you rename an item, its new name is not published.
Content Editor The field description is shown in the content language.
Content Editor Searching in the content tree opens an item in the default language.
94798, 404768
Content Editor In the Media Library, the Upload Files dialog fails to handle errors correctly and hangs when using Flash.
Content Editor The Rebuild All, Rebuild Index, and Refresh Tree commands cause a serialization exception.
Content Editor If you insert a long text (more than 2000 characters) into any field, an exception occurs.
Content Editor Time is not shown in a DateTime field.
Content Editor Breaking changes in the behavior of UserOptions.View.UseDisplayName cause names in the content tree to be displayed incorrectly.
ContentSearch.Azure The ​Azure Search provider does not support full-text search.​ 482343, 483099, 481732 157546
ContentSearch.Azure The Take, Skip, and Page methods do not work.​ 479281 150080
ContentSearch.Azure Search queries may use the wrong syntax,​ ​​​ignoring​​​​​ Azure Search schema settings​.​ 485228 162451
ContentSearch.Azure Exceptions occur when deleting non-existent documents​​​.​​ 485681, 486771, 487667, 490105, 492778, 495086 162750, 164633
ContentSearch.Azure ​The _content field must not be marked as retrievable​.
ContentSearch.Azure ​The NotSupportedException exception is thrown when indexing the __semantics fields.​​​ 478680, 481403 146415
ContentSearch.Azure Collection fields contain old value in the index when emptied. 482169 155653
ContentSearch.Azure ​​CloudSearchDocumentBuilder is not taken from the documentBuilderType node of the index configuration.​​​ 478680, 486819 146322
ContentSearch.Azure Linq provider parses a service response multiple times. 479281 150103
ContentSearch.Azure CloudSearchProviderIndex queries are logged incorrectly​​ as DEBUG​ level.​ 479281, 483094 147541
Item Buckets The Item Bucket sync job does not display a count of the processed units.
96608, 448409
Item Buckets Content Search Content search tries to access the master DB from a CD server.
Item Buckets Content Search A Multilist field that contains IDs without brackets is not indexed. 
96010, 433710
Language fallback During buckets operations, an English version of an item is created when language fallback is enabled.
Layouts and renderings The layout delta is generated incorrectly for the _standard values and the additional attributes of the rendering of the context item.
157536, 159275, 159276
Layouts and renderings Incorrect Placeholder was not found warnings are added to the log file for cached renderings.
Layouts and renderings An exception occurs when you open the presentation details of a SPEAK item.
96422, 442312
List Manager Importing csv files in the List Manager on xDB Cloud was slow and has now been improved.
Media In some scenarios, media items with the same name are not overwritten when Upload.SimpleUploadOverwriting=true.
Miscellaneous On slow environments, AlarmClock breaks processing.
Miscellaneous On the Sitecore Desktop, the Control Panel shortcut opens the Log Viewer application.
Miscellaneous The AddToPublishQueue method does not work with the Oracle data provider.
154851, 158554
Miscellaneous The XFrameOptionsHeaderModule module picks up front-end requests.
Miscellaneous When SitecoreADMembershipProvider is configured, the application crashes when you attempt to log in.
Miscellaneous During password recovery, sending an email can fail silently without entering an exception in the log file.
Miscellaneous In the Export language wizard, the Download button doesn't work if the path to the language file doesn't contain the '/' symbol.
Miscellaneous A direct link to a folder can cause a NullReferenceException.
Miscellaneous An authenticated user is redirected to the login page when they access an item that they don't have read permission for.
Miscellaneous When you click the Forgot your Password link, an exception occurs when you reset the password in the German and Danish languages.
Miscellaneous An incorrect client IP is displayed when the Sitecore servers are behind a proxy load balancer. 
MVC Anonymous users can preview an unpublished version of an item that has an MVC layout​​.
Performance There is a memory leak when Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.AccessResultCache=true.
Performance The number of records in the log file that are created by the IndexDependentHtmlCacheManager class has been minimized.
95130, 412932
Publishing Old blobs are not deleted from the web database when it is published. 93755 93755, 385967
Publishing If the shared field of an item is changed, too many entries appear in the PublishQueue.
Publishing The Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception sometimes occurs when publishing items.
94993, 409190
Publishing Tracing failed requests break publishing.
95730, 428310
Rich Text Editor The Format HTML command doesn't work.
91462, 336490
Security API When a user tries to upload a file to the Media Library, an unhandled exception occurs.
Security API Enabling Failed Request Tracing can cause the RemoveFromActiveList in MediaCache to fail.
96555, 447399
Security API Enabling Failed Request Tracing can cause RuleCache clearing to fail.
96556, 447400
Security API Enabling Failed Request Tracing can cause a rule which operates with items to fail to execute.
96557, 447401
Solr Escape characters generate an incorrect query.
Solr Search terms that contain dashes "-" give incorrect search results.
Solr A language specific field is not created in the default language for items.
Web Forms for Marketers Creating a new field in a blank form throws a [NotSupportedException: Collection is read-only.] error.
Workbox When you move an item from one workflow state to another, the Workbox lists the old workflow state as "?".
Workbox In the Workbox, the Content Editor does not open correctly when addAspxExtensionis=false.
93149, 375687