Release Notes

April 2017 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 Update-3 (rev. 170407)

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Miscellaneous In the User Manager, you can now search for a user by their email address. 90419, 314410
Miscellaneous The __forceSessionPersist session variable is now optional when Analytics is not being used. 95707, 427933
Miscellaneous The ManagedThreadPool only creates one worker object per request. 123013
Miscellaneous The list of domains is sorted. 137300

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Context Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
API Analytics is not tracked when Global.asax does not inherit the Sitecore.Web.Application class. 112555
API The UserOptions.View.UseDisplayName property is applied on low level API. 114313
Caching The FilteredItemsCache is not cleared if CacheKeyIndexing is enabled. 138916
Caching Unnecessary subscription of event handlers to disabled caches. 133340
Configuration Disabling AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel causes warnings when you drag & drop an item. 104141
Content Editor Custom folders that inherit the default Media Folder template are not regarded as folders in the Document Manager. 95853, 430557
Content Editor The scrollbar and resizing handle disappear when you minimize the Favorites popup window. 127945
Content Editor A specific language version is shown to users who do not have read access to that language. 131445
Content Editor Sitecore uses deprecated fields in some initial items. 90585, 317799
Content Editor Cloned items that don't have a presentation are published incorrectly. 137565
Content Editor Inefficient retrieval of clones causes poor performance. 138038
Content Editor Using the Insert Options to create an item doesn't add the approrpiate entry to the log file. 137983
Content Editor Exception is thrown while adding the item to Favorites. 145214
DataProvider MSSQL The Sitecore.Data.Sql.SqlUtil.MapType has been updated to use nvarchar(max) instead of ntext. 122319
Indexing To improve performance and optimize indexing, in the Sitecore.ContentSearch.Analytics.config file, we changed the default value of ContentSearch.Analytics.IndexAnonymousContacts setting from true to false. We also updated the description of this setting to explicitly state that false is the new default value. 154817
Item buckets The GetParentBucketItemOrParent method can cause high CPU usage. 117834
Item Buckets Content Search Raising the indexing:propertyset and indexing:propertyget events when the SwitchOnRebuildLuceneIndex index is initialized causes a stack overflow exception. 137437
Item Buckets Content Search Index-updating could be locked when using the onPublishEndAsyncSingleInstance in ParallelIndexing mode. 97007, 455965
Item Buckets Content Search The index update operation depends on item security restrictions and ignores the ContentSearch.Indexing.DisableDatabaseCaches setting. 108482
Item Buckets Content Search The onPublishEndAsyncSingleInstance update strategy should deserialize queued events once instead of N-times for each index. 97024, 456220
Item Buckets Content Search Some item updates might get lost when updating or rebuilding an index because a race condition can occur when updating the LastUpdatedTimestamp. 96902, 453882, 96903, 453887
Item Buckets Content Search Some item updates might be lost during indexing because the caches are outdated. 96905, 453890
Item Buckets Content Search An index is not protected from concurrent updates. 97051, 456837
Item Buckets Content Search The contentSearch.getContextIndex pipeline doesn't resolve the index properly. 96771, 451784
Launchpad In the Recycle Bin, the Launchpad icon is misaligned and the Logout button does not work. 116707
Links Items outside of site root folder are accessible. 117109
Login The Admin login page does not log unsuccessful attempts to log in. 139757
Login A redirection loop occurs between the Login and the Start page if a new user logs in to the Sitecore shell when the maximum allowed user limit has been reached. 130279
Login There is a broken jQuery link on Sitecore login page. 139757
Login The Remember me function on the Sitecore login page doesn't resolve the client language correctly when you reopen the browser. 141041
Media The Media.AutoSetAlt setting overrides the real Alt property. 90782, 321435
Media The "Server cannot append header..." exception occurs when downloading media. 95901, 431566
Media Media files cannot be downloaded when the file name contains spaces and dashes. 136841
Media In the Upload File (Advanced) window, selecting the Overwrite existing media items option breaks the existing media item when the AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting is disabled. 126226
Media The language parameter (la) is not rendered in a media link that is specified in the General Link field. 138035
Miscellaneous Opening an ActionControl on a page, and then opening another ActionControl on the same page, does not close the first ActionControl, which allows the page to inappropriately have multiple open ActionControls. 135240
Miscellaneous An HTTP protocol violation occurs when downloading files (packages, from File Explorer, etc.). 90534, 316777
Miscellaneous User is redirected to the Sitecore login screen after they log out. 94256, 394926
Miscellaneous Sitecore should only check the size of a media item in the ResizeProcessor if it is an image. 93300, 377992
Miscellaneous When non-admin users search in the content tree, a null reference exception could occur. 96901, 453881
Miscellaneous Rules and script caches are cleared on each item:saved. 96007, 433653
Miscellaneous The <sc:image> XSLT control doesn't render the title attribute in the output <img> tag. 90802, 321921
Miscellaneous The RolesInRolesProvider is inefficient and in some scenarios causes performance issues. 96955, 455141
Miscellaneous Sitecore.MailUtil.SendMail doesn't support SSL. 92211, 356359
Miscellaneous The AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting does not allow you to save template fields. 126862
Miscellaneous Paging in the Recycle Bin does not work for non-administrator users. 127149
Miscellaneous IncludeTemplatesForDisplay doesn’t work with template IDs. 90652, 318887
Miscellaneous The MediaCreator creates versions in every language of unversioned media items. 94414, 398089
Miscellaneous It is possible to make an item a clone of itself. 93492, 382253
Miscellaneous Non-Admin users can't use the SetDisplayName command when RequireLockBeforeEditing is disabled. 116979
Miscellaneous The disabled attribute for field controls is not needed. 134856
Miscellaneous Using the ref and factory attributes in a pipeline causes an exception. 142817
Miscellaneous A number of methods have inaccurate descriptions. 90864, 323303
Miscellaneous The AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting prevents you from uploading media items when the OverwriteExisting option is selected. 126863
Miscellaneous The InitializeCounter method creates unecessary objects. 136022
Miscellaneous The Recycle Bin calculates the page count incorrectly for non-admin users. 137515
Miscellaneous The Media custom template folder should display a count of all the items in the folder. 139268
Miscellaneous The IsAdministrator property contains an incorrect casting operation. 142416
Miscellaneous When creating a virtual user, a KeyNotFoundException occurs if the object for the initialized property is not returned. 143782
Miscellaneous The FirstVersionAddedNotification has incorrect action options. 137322
Miscellaneous You can change the workflow state of an item from the ribbon without locking the item. 127207
Miscellaneous If your code uses a 3d party dependencyInjection tool, Sitecore doesn't register it appropriately and this throws an exception. 128785
Miscellaneous The database engine cannot always get an exclusive table lock on tables that are being written to and waits until all the write operations are finished. This can cause a timeout. 129456
Miscellaneous The HealthMonitor overwrites existing log files instead of creating new log files. 125593
Miscellaneous An error in the FileWatcher, causes the Internal buffer to overflow. 106211
Miscellaneous The Global.asax architecture is not optimal. 126372
Miscellaneous An OutOfMemoryException exception can occur when the Sitecore.DependencyInjection.ServiceLocator.ServiceProvider property is called too many times. 137518
Miscellaneous Sitecore can enter a deadlock state if Sitecore.DependencyInjection.ServiceLocator.ServiceProvider property is called too often. 151484
Miscellaneous The Mongo session provider can consume all the connections. 143203
Miscellaneous A NullReferenceException occurs in the Experience Editor. 110924
Miscellaneous CompactClientDataAgent throws an exception in certain situations. 137593
Miscellaneous Lock.Obtain waits forever and doesn't throw an error. 92994, 373488
Miscellaneous The CompactClientDataAgent method can throw a null exception. 138194
Miscellaneous Some hotfixes have been merged into this update. 137572, 135364
Performance The OnItemSaved and OnItemSavedRemote handlers make a call to the [dbo.aspnet_Users] table in the Core database which adds an unnecessary overhead on SQL Server and the Sitecore API. 110324
Performance The Sitecore.Pipelines.HttpRequest.BeginDiagnostics processor makes a call to the [dbo.aspnet_Users] table in the Core database which adds an unnecessary overhead on SQL Server and the Sitecore API execution pipeline. 110322
Pipelines It is not possible to use the uiUpload pipeline from different UI frameworks. 96694, 450156
Publishing A reminder is sent every time an item is published. 92656, 367174
Publishing Excessive data is published when an item has no versions in some languages. 95988, 433132
Publishing The ItemPathsCache is cleared unnecessarily. 132955
Publishing The Incremental publishing mode publishes unmodified versions of cloned items. 135362
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure Fields with DateTime, Date, Boolean, ID data are indexed incorrectly. 478680, 481732, 481403, 483540, 490003, 489740, 502971 145992
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure User cannot rebuild indexes due to more than 1K fields within sitecore items. 482951, 485437, 500936 152119
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure The SearchResultItem.GetDescendants() method throws 'NotSupportedException' exception. 478680 146054
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure Negative clauses and clause grouping do not work. 478680 145570, 145716
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure The Match() method does not work when regex contains square brackets. 138537
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure Search by "Site:*" throws an exception. 130619
Solr When the ContentSearch.Solr.EnforceAliasCreation setting is enabled, it breaks index initialization. 124981
SPEAK The DatePicker component repeatedly and automatically changes its value going back in time when the value set is in a specific interval near the end of the day and the server is in a different time zone than the client. 130520 98800
SPEAK The Sitecore logo shown in the application header extends beyond the edge of the application header when the global header is hidden. 128606
SPEAK The SPEAK version 1 Legacy chart components are missing the appropriate base templates. 131784
SPEAK In some cases, the ScaleUnit field in LegacyChart templates is shared but should be versioned (to allow translation), while in other cases, the field should be shared (where translation is not appropriate). 140866
SPEAK In some cases, SPEAK does not pass some facet text to the Translate method, leading to some untranslated text appearing in the user interface. 134593, 119669, 140813
SPEAK When using Solr, the date related filters did not work when, for example, attempting to locate images in the select media dialog. 126828, 144267
SPEAK The SPEAK based Uploader component did not use the standard uploader pipelines and therefore ignored the configuration settings restricting specific file extensions from being uploaded. 112543, 96694, 110260, 114071, 147398
SPEAK The SPEAK Uploader does not support changing the destination for uploaded files after the user selected the files, but before clicking Upload. 145849, 95551, 145628, 145850
SPEAK applications After you have selected the files that you want to upload, you cannot change the destination folder. 95551, 425244
SPEAK applications In the Select Media dialog, the All image files filter overrides the Root parameter of the SearchPanel Config filters. 94870, 406359
SPEAK applications The Rule editor doesn't show conditions and actions for SPEAK items. 112045
Web Forms for Marketers If you rename an item, it reverts back to the field title when you save it. 112928
Web Forms for Marketers In an MVC layout, a droplist cannot display an empty choice correctly. 109938
Web Forms for Marketers In an MVC form, the Success message is not encoded correctly. 67854
Web Forms for Marketers In single-instance setups, the Date and Date picker fields use the user language instead of the Sitecore.Context.Language. 121210
Web Forms for Marketers The length of an E-mail field cannot be changed in the Form Designer. 99623
Workbox The Workbox throws an exception while paging. 96929, 454335
Workbox The Workbox cannot execute commands for non-English items. 141780
Workbox The long workflow comment displays incorrectly in the workflow history dialog. 139673