Release Notes

November 2021 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 10.2.0

This a feature release. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes features that meet the specific needs of your organization. This release contains significant new feature functionality, and we encourage you to evaluate it.


Sitecore Experience Platform 10.2.0 includes:

  • ​​The Update Center has been deprecated.
  • ​​​​​​Sitecore Identity Server 6.0.0 is based on .NET Core 3.1 and the updated base libraries. This ensures that our customers receive security updates promptly.
  • The Content Explorer now supports a table view of all the content items.
    You can use search, queries, and filters to find content items in this table view.
  • ​You can now use the xConnect CLI tools to purge interactions, based on various criteria and reduce the hosting cost associated with collection database shards even further.

New features/improvements

Context Description ADO no.
Containers ​​Two-digit tags are now used in Docker-compose and Kubernetes​. This allows you to use up-to-date images without changing their tags​. 451858
Containers ​The mssql-init container has been added to docker-compose​. 451701
Containers ​​​​​Environment variable support for the XP tracker client IP proxy setting has been added. The X-Forwarded-For header is enabled in .yaml files for both Docker-Compose and AKS deployments​. 427144, 480007
Containers ​​The ID role is now based on the .NET Core runtime image​​​. 427145
Containers ​The compose-init script has been added to the docker-compose tool to initialize the .env file​​. 444394
Containers ​The mssql-init​ container uses the ShardDeploymentTool to deploy shards to ElasticPool​. 459110
Containers ​​​​The Solr container has been updated to version 8.8.2. 478680
Containers ​The mssql-update<7em> image has been updated and you can now upgrade from Sitecore XP 9.3.0 or later to Sitecore XP 10.2.0.​​​ 467396
Email Experience Manager The EXM campaigns table now contains ​an infinite scroll. 446541
Email Experience Manager ​The EXM DDS role now supports containers.​
Experience Analytics ​You can now sort report tables by the column headings.
Experience Analytics ​​​​​Reports can now be exported as CSV files.
Horizon ​You can now create a data source for a component. ​ 456066
Horizon ​Shared Routing extensions have been added that allow you to switch between Content, Pages, and the Content Explorer.​​​​ 461606
Horizon ​A SAC image has been created for Horizon. 456322
Horizon The Authoring Host has been upgraded to .Net Core 3.1​. 456335
Horizon ​​​​The Publish/Workflow group has been redesign​ed. 416680
Horizon ​You can now select links types from a drop-down list. 421639
Horizon ​​​​​Renderings are now grouped thematically. 402040
Horizon ​The Content Explorer now supports a table view of all the content items. You can use search, queries, and filters to find content items in this table view. 420932
Horizon ​​​​​A content author can now select a placeholder that already contains a component and the component containing it. If a user selects a component on top of or within close proximity to another component, they can now use the arrow within the selected field to move within the hierarchy of components. 456064
Installation ​​Sitecore Installation Assistant 1.4.0 supports Sitecore XP 10.2​.0​​​. 494769
Marketing Foundation ​You can now use the xConnect CLI tools to purge interactions, based on various criteria and reduce the hosting cost associated with collection database shards even further.
Marketing Foundation ​​​​​If you use the CLI to purge records from xDB an estimate of how many records are going to be purged is now displayed. 412543
Marketing Foundation ​​xConnect logging has been improved to help diagnose issues as they arise. 406982
Marketing Foundation ​Communication between tracking and xConnect has been improved.
Marketing Foundation ​​​​You can now disable bot auto detection on a site by site basis.
Sitecore Forms ​You can now add an asterisk to a required​ field. 219239
Sitecore Forms We have optimized the way we store Date field values. 451131
Sitecore Forms ​We have implemented a DistinctBy extension method​. 479735
Sitecore Forms ​We have optimized the data export functionality.​​​​ 343331
Sitecore Forms When you submit a form, the fields are now exported in order even when some fields are empty.​ 448512
Sitecore Forms ​We have optimized data export to support exporting large data-sets. 385283
Sitecore Forms ​​​​​You can now export form entries using local time​. 339612
List Manager ​​​​​It is now easier to add custom facets in the Contacts table. 234293, 450753
List Manager ​​​​​You can now add custom columns to the Contacts table to show contact facet data. 234293
Platform ​​Sitecore Identity Server 6.0.0 is based on .NET Core 3.1 and the updated base libraries. This ensures that our customers receive security updates promptly. 442201
Platform ​Initial Prefetch​​​ has been improved. 119321, 476687
Platform ​The performance of the Sitecore.Security.Accounts.UserDelegation.CanManage(User) method​ has been improved. 401990
Platform ​​​​​The MaxNodeCount setting has been added to the Sitecore.Services.Client.config ​file. 441621
Platform ​​The logging level in the OverridePublishContext processor has been changed from WARN to INFO​. 470561
Platform ​The performance of the Sitecore.Data.Items.Item.GetUniqueId method​ has been improved. 470886
Platform ​​​​​The performance of the Sitecore.Caching.ItemCache.GetKey​ method​ has been improved. 470890
Platform ​The performance of the Sitecore.Caching.AccessResultCacheKey.Equals​ method​ has been improved. 470891


Context Description ADO no.
Experience Analytics ​​The Reducer and Reagrgragation functionality has been marked as obsolete and will be removed in a future version. 469124
Email Experience Manager ​A tooltip that was displayed when you hovered over an item in reports for automated campaigns has been removed.​​​ 491060
Miscellaneous ​​Support for Azure Search has been removed. 430861
Platform ​​​​​The Update Center has been deprecated. 440330
Platform ​​​​​​Unused jQuery and Bootstrap libraries have been removed from Identity Server​​​. 478276
Platform The Upload Filter tool has been obsoleted.

Breaking changes

Context Description ADO no.
Marketing Foundation
  • ​The following classes have been removed:
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Abstractions.ITaskStatusNotifier​
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Abstractions.Buses.TaskStatusBus
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Abstractions.Messages.*
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Buses.*
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Messaging.*
  • The following classes have been moved:
    • ​Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.XConnectHttpConfiguration, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi moved to Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi.XConnectHttpConfiguration, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebAp
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.CultureCodeAttribute, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi moved to Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi.CultureCodeAttribute, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi
    • ​Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.DataRowFormatAttribute, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi moved to Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi.DataRowFormatAttribute, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.Extensions.ETagExtensions, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi moved to Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi.Extensions.ETagExtensions, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.HttpResponseUtil, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi moved to Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi.HttpResponseUtil, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.Models.GetTableDataModel, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi moved to Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi.Models.GetTableDataModel, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi
  • ​The following assemblies have been removed:
    • Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Messaging.Xmgmt
    • Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Messaging
    • Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi​ replaced by the new Sitecore.Processing.Engine.WebApi assembly
  • ​The following members signature has been changed:
    • ​​Sitecore.Processing.Engine.TaskManager​:
      .ctor(ILogger<ITaskManager>, ITaskDataProvider, ICursorDataProviderFactory, ITaskServicesFactory)
      has been replaced with
      ​​​.ctor(ILogger<TaskManager>, ITaskDataProvider, ICursorDataProviderFactory, ITaskServicesFactory, IEnumerable<ITaskOptionsValidator>)
    • ​​Sitecore.Pr​ocessing.Engine.Agents.TaskAgent:
      .ctor(ITaskExecutorResolver, ILogger<IAgent>, ITaskDataProvider, IServiceProvider, IConfiguration, ITaskStatusNotifier)
      has been replaced with
      .ctor(ITaskExecutorResolver, ILogger<IAgent>, ITaskDataProvider, IServiceProvider, IConfiguration)
    • ​​​Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Agents.TaskExecutor:​
      ITaskExecutor ResolveTaskExecutor(IServiceProvider, IProcessingTaskData, IAgentId)
      has been replaced with
      ITaskExecutor ResolveTaskExecutor(IServiceProvider, ProcessingTaskData, IAgentId)
    • ​​​​​Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Abstractions.ITaskExecutorResolver​:
      ITaskExecutor ResolveTaskExecutor(IServiceProvider, IProcessingTaskData, IAgentId)
      has been replaced with
      ITaskExecutor ResolveTaskExecutor(IServiceProvider, Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Model.ProcessingTaskData, IAgentId)
  • ​​Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Sql.SqlTaskDataProvider now implements Sitecore.Processing.Engine.ITaskDataProvider instead of Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Abstractions.ITaskDataProvider and all the methods have been changed accordingly.​
  • The following configuration files have been removed:
    ​ On the cortex processing engine worker instance:
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskCancelation.Messaging.SqlServer.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskCancelation.Messaging.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskCancellation.Messaging.Azure.xml.disabled
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskProgress.Messaging.Azure.xml.disabled
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskProgress.Messaging.SqlServer.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskProgress.Messaging.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskRegistration.Messaging.Azure.xml.disabled
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskRegistration.Messaging.SqlServer.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskRegistration.Messaging.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskStatusBus.Messaging.Azure.xml.disabled
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskStatusBus.Messaging.SqlServer.xml
    • App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.TaskStatusBus.Messaging.xml

    On the CM instance:
    • ​App_Config/Sitecore/Processing.Tasks.Messaging.Xmgmt/Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Messaging.Azure.config
    • ​App_Config/Sitecore/Processing.Tasks.Messaging.Xmgmt/Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Messaging.SqlServer.config
    • App_Config/Sitecore/Processing.Tasks.Messaging.Xmgmt/Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Messaging.config
  • ​​The following configuration file has been renamed:
    • App_Config/Sitecore/Processing/sc.Processing.Engine.Storage.WebApi.Initialize.xml​ has been renamed App_Config/Sitecore/Processing​/sc.Processing.Engine.WebApi.Initialize.xml

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Context Description ADO no.
Campaign Creator If the Publishing Service Module is installed, you cannot ​create a campaign in the Campaign Creator. 455656
Containers ​​You cannot use special characters in the Solr username and password. 463911
Email Experience Manager ​​​​The WaitForDispatchToFinish.WaitForDedicatedServers(DispatchNewsletterArgs) method generates an endless loop. 313873
Email Experience Manager The The message delivery has completed in emulation mode message is displayed unnecessarily.​ 440671
Email Experience Manager ​The default sorting does not work in the EXM dashboards. 448246
Email Experience Manager ​​​​In the Preference Center​, the ​Preference settings​ are not updated. 459455
Email Experience Manager The Sent Email Campaigns dashboard does not display​​ the values for Sent to, Unique opens, Open rate, Unique clicks, Click rate, and Unsubscribes.​​​​ 460891
Email Experience Manager If xConnect is unavailable​​, ​the same contact data is used for different recipients.​ 461807
Email Experience Manager If a user unsubscribes, the confirmation page​ is is not displayed in the target language​ and defaults back to EN. 466670
Email Experience Manager ​​​​The Drafts page displays ​duplicate email campaigns. 485900
Email Experience Manager ​​​​​If a user is present in multiple lists, unsubscribing does not always remove the user from all the lists​. 487992
Email Experience Manager In a Marketing Automation campaign, activity descriptions and tool tips that are set to a local language revert to EN after an email has been sent​​.​​​​ 490012
Email Experience Manager ​​​​The description of importing recipients lists from a file mentions that TXT and Excel files are accepted, but the upload function only allows to create a recipients list from a CSV file. 491062
Email Experience Manager ​​​​The notification confirming that a new language version in an email campaign has been created is shown twice in two different colours. 491668
Experience Analytics ​In Experience Analytics, [unkown region] dat is displayed for certain regions. 482887
Experience Analytics ​The ExperienceAnalytics.DimensionKeys and ExperienceAnalytics.DimensionItems caches are recreated multiple times. 469124
Experience Analytics ​​​​​The ExperienceAnalytics.Sites cache is created multiple times. 235083
Experience Editor ​In a multi-site setup, if you select an item in the content tree, the ​Context.Site is not resolved correctly. 465667
Experience Editor ​In a List view, if you select ​a Search field with a general Link, i​t throws an error. 481916
Experience Editor ​​​​In the Rich Text Editor, if you change the text formatting of a link, the ​Remove Link button is disabled. 484375
Experience Editor ​​​​​If you add an alt text to an image, it disappears in the Experience Editor.​ 464217
Experience Editor ​​​​The CheckRevision processor does not ​compare versions correctly. 76398
Experience Editor ​MyItemsCountRequest performs RefreshIndex synchronously​.​​​​ 208634
Experience Optimization When you retrieve suggested tests, performance is degraded. 449450
Experience Optimization ​If you create goals in any language except English, they are not displayed correctly in test objective drop-down list.​​​​ 446356
Experience Optimization The default variant does not respect the context language.​​​​​​ 448952
Experience Optimization ​​​​If you add a rendering to a placeholder that is part of a rendering under personalization, the ​Could not find the rendering in the HTML loaded from server error occurs. 449029
Experience Optimization ​​If you merge contacts, the MergeInfo facet is not populated correctly. 451830
Experience Optimization If you ​remove every personalization rule, the Default rule is not removed. 449644
Experience Optimization ​​​​​You cannot remove the Default rule. 464530
Experience Optimization ​​​​​A rebuild of the sitecore_suggested_test_index is triggered more frequently than required and this places an necessarily high load on the search infrastructure. 336911
Experience Optimization ​If device detection is not initialized and live events are used, the​ ConvertMVTestEvent causes page load delays. 467020
Experience Profile If a profile item does not have an English version, an error is thrown 357427
Experience Profile ​​​​If multiple profile keys share the first 9 characters in their name, the ​Radar chart is empty. 316258
Experience Profile ​​​​​​​Incorrect URLS in the Experience Profile UI cause the ModelState is not valid error to occur. 215069
Experience Profile ​An incorrect icon is displayed for certain events. 223455
Experience Profile ​Long URLs are not displayed correctly. 221868
Experience Profile In the Experience Profile, the ​timeline uses UTC time instead of the current time zone. 126998
Horizon In the Data Source dialog, the ​template list​ is not scrollable.​​​​ 456792
Horizon ​​​​If you scroll a large content tree​ in the Rendering dialog, the ​Create new button is not sticky. 452408
Horizon ​​​​A Horizon search result does not open the correct website. 454360
Horizon ​​​​If you run​ a platform session and a Horizon session in the same browser and then log out from the platform, you are not logged out of Horizon. 451499
Horizon ​​​​​The Gallery component does not display a loading spinner​ when it is fetching renderings. 365296
Horizon ​​​​In Firefox, if you create or rename an item, the cusror behaves inconsistently. 370300
Horizon ​​​​​In the item tree, the undo drag-and-drop functionality does not work. 415857
Horizon ​​​​In a Rich Text field, ​a numbered list with line breaks​ is rendered incorrectly. 431684
Horizon ​​​​​If you modify a field, three unnecessary requests are sent with each save request. 451402
Horizon ​​​​​In the Assign Content Item dialog, the item tree is not loaded if the datasource item is outside of the datasource location. 451477
Horizon ​​​​The current item in the content tree does not remain highlighted when you invoke the context menu.​ 472533
Horizon ​​​​​The Data Source dialog is not scrollable on small screens. 456794
Horizon ​​​​In a Rich Text field when you switch between Edit Page and Metadata modes​, unintended changes occur. 415702
Horizon ​​​​​If you try to select a language version that has not yet been created, the right hand side panel shows incorrect Created and Created by information. 418078
Horizon ​​​​On the Insights page, ​ if you collapse or expand the left hand side panesomel, some charts do not automatically resize. 422445
Horizon ​​​​​The message that is shown shown when you move an item in the content tree is worded incorrectly. 423937
Horizon The selected item in the content tree is not displayed in semi-bold.​​​​ 442058
Horizon ​​​​​The text in a General Link field does not fall back to the item name after it is cleared in the right hand side panel. 450393
Horizon ​​​​​In the Content Item dialog, you cannot select a folder as a datasource for a rendering. 451479
Horizon ​​​​On the Canvas, if the text for an internal or external link contains a space, it ​breaks the link. 452412, 452415
Horizon ​​.NET Core Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE-2021-24112 has been addressed. 483467
Horizon If an image field contains a value, you cannot upload a media item to the root folder. 166662
Horizon ​​​​​If you delete an item from the content tree, an error occurs.​ 489894
Horizon In the RTE, if you discard your changes, they are still saved.​​​​ 488859
Horizon ​If you use an invalid Item Id query string parameter to open an item, the content tree does not work correctly. 483027
Horizon If an item has a long name, the content tree does not hide the text when it displays an ellipsis. 481354
Horizon ​​​​​​​​In the Date/Datetime picker​, the calendar does not display the last day of each month. 469143
Horizon ​In a Drop Link​ field, you can select the None item. 450868
Horizon ​In a Drop Link field, a scroll bar is displayed when it is not needed. 450870
Horizon ​​​​​If an image has parentheses in its name, it is not uploaded. 444007
Horizon ​In the Date Picker popup, if a user clicks on an arrow​, the Date Picker​ moves. 355662
Horizon ​The Expansion panel and accordion header arrow is not aligned correctly. 368432
Horizon ​​​​The Expansion panel does not have a separator line​. 368577
Horizon ​In the RTE field​, the tabs do not have the hover/active state.​ 374226
Horizon ​​​​​Creating an item in the Content tree causes errors. 450710
Horizon ​​If you remove an item from a Droptree field, the tree does not load correctly. 452837
Horizon The QueryController causes an API endpoint conflict.​​ 467666
Horizon ​​​​In a Rich Text field, ​numbered lists that contain line breaks​ are rendered incorrectly​. 431684
Horizon ​If you use the @Html.Sitecore().BeginField helper, it breaks the Page editor. 468371
Horizon If you close the Global search panel, the search field is not cleared. 448158
Horizon ​​​​​If you use the Undo or Redo buttons, the data in a droptree is not handled smoothly. 463314
List Manager ​​​​Convert to Contact List process for a segmented list can be started multiple times​, and this generates corrupt lists.​ 453180
List Manager ​​​​You can start the conversion of a segmented list twice. 453180
Marketing Automation The Dashboard runs in the context of the website instead of in the context of the shell site and this causes errors.​ 468077
Marketing Foundation ​​​​​If a URL ends with a slash, it breaks the VisitorIdentificationCSS.aspx and VIChecker.aspx analytics requests. 485791
Marketing Foundation ​​​​​The CursorScheduler.TryGetNextAsync cursor is completed before the job is finished. 461061
Marketing Foundation ​In certain scenarios, a ​memory leak occurs in the xConnect client. 476077
Marketing Foundation When the submit queue is processed, ​AlreadyExist and ReferenceNotFound exceptions are thrown. 421148
Miscellaneous ​​​​​A field that is added to the AddIncludedField setting is not added to the index​​. 404384
Path Analyzer ​Durining processing the historical interactions of a contact are loaded unnecessarily thereby decreasing throughput.​​​​ 460948
Path Analyzer In Path Analyzer maps, impressions relating to wildcard URLs are displayed as "*".​ 107691
Path Analyzer ​The English Visits branch template contains a link to a missing condition. 447660
Platform ​​​​​The User Manager resolves every user every time the User Editor is opened and this degrades performance on Azure databases​​. 490850
Platform ​The Sitecore.Data.ID.IsID method returns incorrect values​. 93188
Platform If you delete a version of a media item from the Recycle Bin, Blobs are not removed. 93303
Platform ​​​​In the Media Browser dialog box​, on the Search tab, you cannot select a media item. 95929
Platform ​​​​In the BreakingLinks dialog, if you enter a link to another item, it​ changes the rendering parameters. 205771
Platform ​​Broken links are not removed from fields based on the Sitecore.Data.Fields.ReferenceField type. 257195
Platform ​The FieldCollection.GetField(ID fieldID) method can return null during concurrent access. 297829
Platform ​The partial retrieval of a media file fails when the range value is larger than the file size.​​​​ 344806
Platform ​​​​​If the Item name and Display name contain special characters, they are double-encoded. 393368
Platform ​When publishing restrictions are set​, the MaxAge ​media cache header causes an error. 426977
Platform ​In a rule condition, s​pecial characters, for example, \, # or ;< are encoded. 432988
Platform ​​​​If you create an item from a branch, ​excessive web requests degrade performance. 443203
Platform ​​​​If the value of the language cookie is set to an incorrect value, a​ Could not parse the language error occurs. 444486
Platform ​If the httpcookies domain attribute contains a value, an iInfinite loop occurs when you log out. 445560
Platform ​If you remove all the personalization rules the Default rule is not removed. 449644
Platform ​​​​​Language Fallback changes the Standard Values​. 449857
Platform ​​​​If the AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting is set to false, ​PublishAgent can fail. 452733
Platform ​Some security vulnerabilities have been fixed. 452739, 475944, 486210, 472976, 478174
Platform If a rendering is cacheable and the vary by data setting set to true, ​multi-variant tests do not work correctly. ​ 452994
Platform ​​​​​In the Experience Editor, if you change the sort order, ​the Revision field is not updated. 462936
Platform ​​​​​If you clone a large number of items, performance is poor. 470250
Platform ​If you try to view media item that is locked by another user​, ​an exception occurs. 476178
Platform ​The LinkBuilder uses the hostName setting instead of the site name setting. 477034
Platform ​​​​​If the "hide rendering" personalization rule has the "Ignore other caching settings override with defined below" caching option cleared, it causes an exception​. 482547
Platform ​If a Rich Text field contains a ​Text Fragment link with a single left parenthesis, it causes a regex exception.​​​​ 489112
Platform ​​If the Display name of an item contains special characters, it breaks the Link Manager and the Item Resolver processor​. 491722
Platform ​​Telemetry tracking can affect application performance because of compatibility issues related to the System.Security.Cryptography.Algorithms library. 485287
Platform If you configure a private session state to use Redis or SQL Server, the Content Editor no longer works. 468220
Sitecore.ContentSearch ​If you use multiple OR operators in a search queary, it does not work correctly. 452871
Sitecore.ContentSearch ​Sitecore tries to index the Final Renderings field​. 466628
Sitecore.ContentSearch If you search with the sort by field setting and the field is not specified in the fieldMap setting for the index, performance is very poor. 127551
Sitecore Forms If consent is revoked, no data is saved. 413788
Sitecore Forms ​If you create a form that contains a section, it throws an error. 481105
Sitecore Forms The FormFieldController::ReloadField​ class generates ​insecure deserialization. 453804
Sitecore Forms ​​​​In the text/label of a form field, if you ​use the closing br tag, it​ adds an additional div tag when you click Apply. 443768
Sitecore Forms ​​​​​If you add multiple forms to a page, visitors cannot submit a form. 464202
Sitecore Forms ​In the redirect to url action, ​prameters are not encoded correctly. 478130
Sitecore Forms ​​​​​ In an exported CSV file that contain form data, the order of the columns can change. 435640
Sitecore Forms ​​​​A multi-page form does not work correctly if the session expires before you submit the form. 480373
Sitecore Forms ​​If you multiple forms to a page, the forms are not saved when you try to save them. 463172, 460912
Sitecore Forms ​If you put a second form on a page, it does not work. 470882
Sitecore Forms ​The navigation path does not align with the selected navigation item.​​​​ 471457
Sitecore Forms A Dropdown List field that has ​a condition with a hide action ​does not always work.​​​​ 289772
Sitecore Forms ​In the Experience Editor​, in preview mode, ​conditions do not work. 424629
Sitecore Forms ​If tracking is disabled, the Save Data submit action does not save any data.​ 464192
Sitecore Forms If you submit a form that contains an empty non-required File Upload field​, an exception occurs. 389332
Sitecore Forms ​​​​​If you submit a form​, a session expire message​ is displayed. 479471
Sitecore Forms ​​​​If you submit a form with the Redirect to Page or Redirect to Url submit action​, ​an alert about session expiration is displayed. 483698
Sitecore Forms ​​The Form List is sorted incorrectly by name​. 409298
Sitecore Forms ​You cannot add two actions of the same type to a form​. 398965
Sitecore Forms ​​Newlines (\n) in Multiple-line Text form fields are stored as blank spaces​. 451133
Sitecore Forms ​Exported csv files contain an incorrect delimiter​. 357495
Sitecore Forms ​If the formatting of a Date field contains several spaces, the field works incorrectly. 423023
Sitecore Forms ​​​​The Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Controllers.BaseFormBuilderController.ProcessFormData method can throw a System.NullReferenceException error. 447188
Sitecore Forms ​If you use the FormItemTreeView Parameters template, ​checkboxes remain unchecked on the form. 476128
Sitecore Forms ​If you create a form with the trigger goal action and the enableTracking setting set to false, it cannot be submitted. 449691
Sitecore Forms ​​​​​Sitecore Forms uses the en language when you select the Redirect to Page action. 228498
SPEAK ​Stylesheets are not build correctly. 470157