Release Notes

June 2021 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 10.1.1

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

Context Description Ref. ID
Containers Sitecore Identity Server supports ASP.NET Core Runtime 2.1.28. 479052
Installation Sitecore Install Assistant 1.2.3 supports Sitecore XP 10.1.1, 475141
Platform In the prerequisites.json file, the dotnet core runtime version has been u​pdated to 2.1.28​. 479185

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Context Description Ref. ID
Containers ​The 7-zip installer prevents the Solr-init image from being built. 463219
Email Experience Manager The Preference Center does not update a user's subscription preferences. 459455
Experience Optimization ​The datasource of the original variant is overridden by the context item if you add a new variation during component testing. 393648
Experience Optimization ​The active page test is overwritten when you create and save a new page test​. 474259
Experience Optimization ​The Default personalization rule cannot be removed.​ 477131
Horizon ​.NET Core Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE-2021-26701 has been fixed. 487513
Marketing Foundation ​If xConnect experiences any issues, Task Manager tasks are interrupted. 461138
Marketing Foundation ​The Collection Search SOLR WDP is configured incorrectly. 473204
Marketing Foundation ​The CursorScheduler.TryGetNextAsync cursor gets completed before the work is finished​. 476817
Marketing Foundation ​If you stop the Collection ​Search Indexworker service, the Sitecore.XConnectSearchIndexer.exe process stays alive for a long time. 478798
Platform If the end date for a publishing restriction is set​ to yesterday, the MaxAge media cache header causes an error. 473233
Platform If the HTTP cookies domain attribute is set to, an infinite loop occurs on logout. 473231
Platform If the value of the language cookie (website#lang) is set to an incorrect value, the Could not parse the language message is shown. 473235
Platform If you delete a version of a media item from the Recycle Bin​, ​Blobs are not removed​. 473237
Platform ​Broken links are not deleted from fields that are based on the Sitecore.Data.Fields.ReferenceField type​. 473239
Platform ​If the Item name and Display name contain special characters, they are double-encoded. 473238
Platform ​If the Range value is larger than the size of the file, the partial retrieval of media files fails. 473236
Platform If the AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting is set to false​, the ​PublishAgent can fail under some conditions. 473241
Platform ​Sitecore queries that contain the pipe '|' symbol return incorrect results when searching an item and its children. 473243
Platform ​The Language Fallback functionality can change the Standard Values of an item. 473242
Platform ​The User Role condition does not work for virtual users​. 473230
Platform ​The Default personalization rule cannot be removed in some circumstances​. 473227
Platform ​The BreakingLinks dialog is not shown when you delete an item. 473228
Platform If you change the sort order in the Experience Editor, ​the revision field is not updated​. 473244
Platform ​If you enter special characters in a rule condition, they are encoded.​ 473226
Platform Some security vulnerabilities have been fixed. 473246, 477634
Platform ​The link for the Web Platform Installer is out of date.​ 479292
Sitecore Forms ​If you resubmit a form, robot detection becomes disabled. 452462
Sitecore Forms If tracking is disabled, the Save Data submit action does not save any data. 468105
Solr Items that are created and updated by an Admin​ uswer are listed as having been created and updated by Anonymous.​​​​ 470931, 470558, 455017, 454481