Release Notes

November 2019 – released Sitecore Experience Accelerator 9.3.0

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables parallel work streams (content, creative design, UX, coding) to not only reduce the time required to produce a website, but also improve the quality by allowing all contributors to validate each other's contributions. SXA provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.


  • A new command line interface has been introduced to improve theme creation and configuration.
  • The Scriban templating engine has been added to the Rendering Variants to give greater flexibility with generated HTML.

New feature/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
​​You can now filter the items in the ceExport.pageValidation pipeline before they are exported with Creative Exchange. 257357
​​The Creative Exchange Live tooling is now available as an NPM package​. 291709
All the variant fields no longer render a tag when the Tag field is empty, and this produces cleaner HTML​​. 521564, 529338 298945
​​A new command line interface has been introduced to improve theme creation and configuration. 318366
​​A new Aggregated Facet Filter component has been added​. 319304
A new Facet Summary component has been added​.​​ 319332
The Creative Exchange Live tool can now be configured to not upload partial CSS and JS sources files​. 324423
​​Search filters are now hidden automatically if no facet values are available for them​. 329848
​​The Basic2 theme is now available as an NPM package on Myget​. 350089
The Scriban templating engine has been added to the Rendering Variants to give greater flexibility with generated HTML.​​ 335204
Available Renderings items for Sitecore Forms items are no longer named in an ambiguous manner. 533088 342636
You can use Creative Exchange to export and re-import Scriban templates.​​ 335198
You can now add custom scaffolding actions to the site/tenant deletion process and execute additional code both before and after an SXA site or tenant is deleted.​​ 335647
SXA now supports basic editing of its pages in Horizon​.​​ 336607
Creative Exchange Live tooling is now available as NPM packages​. 338480
​​You can now configure the number of characters that you must enter in the Search Box before it starts to make suggestions. 337434

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
When you use the Layout details dialog to add placeholder settings, an error occurs. ​​ 531965, 539472 247421
​​If the host name in the site definition includes a wildcard and a pipe character, the 500 Server Error page does not load. 522592 302462
Composite Renderings do not work properly with Content Testing​. 523633, 539092 306852
​​Composite specific Rendering Variants are missing when you edit components that are embedded in the composites on a page​. 524258, 432118 307728
In TreeView​, the image thumbnail is not displayed.​​ 523866 309346
Any changes that you make to the ​Editable settings of a placeholder are not reflected in a composite rendering​. ​​ 524834, 535481 312679
​If you clone a rendering and the name of the new rendering does not form a valid path, ​it throws an uninformative error. 525163, 529142 313420
The Asset Optimizer always adds a ?t= URL parameter even when other parameters are already defined​.​​ 526061 313636
When a page is rendered as JSON​, some characters are not correctly escaped.​​ 526250 313759
​​​In the Search box component, when you search for words that contain hyphens, the search does not return all the results. 528811 313772
Link List does not work properly with language fallback​. 525413, 537445 314016
The Checklist filter does not work with the SxaTags facet in Azure Search​.​​ 525702 314018
​​To facilitate load balanced environments, the TargetHostName provided in the site definition is now used to generate links in the sitemap.xml file rather than in the request host. 526026 315140
If you use the Sitecore Form Wrapper with Sitecore Form, it causes a Javascript error​.​​ 526784, 526786, 530484, 532466, 537859, 541268 315587
When you clone a site, the Signature field of a Partial Design is not updated correctly. 525457 317458
The Page Selector makes several calls with ampersands in a query​.​​ 527320, 531899 317982
​​The LocalizableLinkProvider property does not respect the scheme setting at site level. 526921, 529916, 530049, 537040, 539511, 540436 318160
The Toolbox is not rendered in IE 11​.​​ 527313, 527979, 531585, 536673 318179
An infinite recursion can occur in the GetXmlBasedLayoutDefinition.InjectCompositeComponents method due to the way that fallback device is configured. 527534 318645
The Grid size settings do not influence the size of the Map component. 527068 318823
​​The scrollbar in the Toolbox is not updated when you resize the window. 530909 328249
The Learn More link is not displayed in the cookie message.​​ 327034
In the Content Editor, in the Rich Text Editor, you cannot add StyleLabs media. 333595
The Search Filter dropdown does not support special characters.​​ 530615 334356
​​In the Location Filter component, Mixed and Location modes do not trigger a search​. 529524 326012
In the sitemap.xml file, the scheme for links is taken from the request rather than from the site configuration​.​​ 529916, 530221, 537040 329878
The Sitecore.XA.Feature.ContentTokens.config file can conflict with custom configurations​. 529123 323807
When you use the Bootstrap 3 grid, the Glyphicons fonts are missing.​​ 529403 325475
​​When Navigation component is embedded in rendering variants, it doesn't render the appropriate fields. 529875 325707
Facet filtering does not work on Solr if the facet value contains a space.​​ 362577
When personalization is applied, rendering.DataSource is null. 540959 362374
When you run the upgrade script, an exception is thrown by the SaveCompositeItems handler.​​ 538394, 538394 356460
The SXA datasource selection dialog overrides the default dialog for non-SXA sites without exposing the full functionality required to complete the task.​​ 539268, 540792 355958
​​If you embed a component in the Search Results rendering variant, it throws a null database exception. 531466 338019
If the title of a search facet contains a +, it does not return any results in Search Result component.​ 533234 337480
​​Reusable snippets are not published​. 524074, 524313, 539479, 540326 339908
Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Publication.dll references a non-existant Publishing Service assembly.​​ 538862, 541683 354891
The sitemap.xml file contains redundant language URLS.​​ 533334, 534193, 537473, 538300, 539766 335397
Renderings are not saved in the Accordion\Tabs components. 537157 353118
​​The sitemap.xml file contains URLs with a double hostname when you use the default link provider​. 532088, 536328 337372
In a multisite setup​, if you set the sitemap mode to Stored in file, only a single sitemap is generated.​​ 533307, 533318, 537472 336464
​​In a partial/page design, personalization rules that change the data source of an item do not work. 533915 337972
If you use the Azure search provider​, the Distance facet ignores the scope of the search. 533796 340597
​​If you run search queries against the SXA search indexes​, a MissingMethodException can be thrown. 534017, 534897, 535109 341746
The SXA Video component shows a low resolution image on large screens​.​​ 534070 342282
​​If you use Creative Exchange for pages that are not in the English language​, CSS styles are not imported back. 534713, 536058 342611
The Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Multisite.EventHandlers.HttpRoutesRefresher.PopulateRoutes() method does not acquire a write lock before it updates routes. 536552, 539039 352832
If you change the template of the original item, the template of its cloned items is not updated.​​ 535517 342776
In Sitecore Forms, the checkboxes and radio buttons are not displayed correctly and cannot be used. ​​ 534937, 540849 342993
The Results Count rendering does not support the Search Signature parameter.​​ 535508 343754
​​If you modify a Component under the /sitecore/templates/Branches/Feature/Experience Accelerator item, a System.NullReferenceException is thrown. 536329 345408
If you delete classes in the HTML, importing with Creative Exchange does not remove these classes from the components. 535315 343793
If sites are not added to the SXA site registry, a large number of sites can result in a long warm-up time for the server.​​ 535722, 535910 346210
If a partial design is stored inside nested partial design folders, multiple placeholder wrappers created.​​ 535487 347552
​​If a sitemap is stored in a file, only one sitemap file is generated for the whole Sitecore instance.​ 334534
During the SXA site scaffolding, if no Insert Options are defined for a template, a Powershell error occurs.​​ 531135 331514
If you unlock a content page, the c​omposite datasource subitems remain locked. 529122, 531509, 537040 324927
​​A component that is embedded in a Rendering Variant will display error on a page if the component is not fully configured​. 333646
When the URL for a facet is created, q= is added twice and this breaks the filter components. ​​ 530947, 541075 332347
A Geolocation search does not include associated content in the search.​​ 536929 347831
​​resolveRenderingDatasource is not called when trying to resolve an item query for a Page List component. 537465 349142
Creative Exchange does not to create a CSS class for the rendering inside a snippet that is defined for a partial design. 534713 348752
Creative Exchange can fail when it is called from the API.​​ 349905
​​Regular JSS sites don't have the option to create a new datasource when SXA is installed. 537652, 539268 352703
Delegated areas do not support Item Buckets.​​ 537715 350376
The Range Slider filter does not work when multiple fields are defined in a facet item.​​ 538017, 541075 350835
The Page Selector makes several calls when a query contains special symbols.​ 531899 351678
In a scaled environment, duplicate optimized files can be generated.​​ 537204 351658
​​Workflows for multi-language delegated areas contain inconsistent values. 537991 351396
In a Container component that has custom placeholder settings defined, incorrect placeholder names are displayed. ​​ 532303, 538817, 539505 333663
​​FullSize mode for YouTube videos is not available on Android devices​. 530214, 537040 331135
A static error page can be generated for the wrong site. 526257, 528873 322199
​​Creative Exchange export that is performed on an Apple computer cannot be imported correctly on a Windows computer. 309580
If a target hostname is specified​​, the OpenGraph og:url metatag is displayed without encoded spaces.​​ 542859 367756
​​The Responsive Image renderer does not work with the Reference renderer​. 354642
When the search results are empty​, the Checklist filter is not cleared. 537015 351616
​A Page List that uses Item Query does not resolve sxa: tokens. CS0155960, CS0217612 324371