Release Notes

April 2019 – released Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.8 Update 1(rev. 190319)

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables parallel work streams (content, creative design, UX, coding) to not only reduce the time required to produce a website, but also improve the quality by allowing all contributors to validate each other's contributions. SXA provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.

New feature/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
In the Content Editor, the tooltips for the Tags, CSS Class, and Data Attributes fields have been improved. ​​ 250866
The Variant tag is no longer rendered when the tag is not selected. 515121​​ 253519
You can now pass the Rendering Variant model object to the RuleContext. ​​ 296284
​You can now skip scanning for related items in the AggregatedContent computed field by inheriting from an additional data template. ​​​ 297946

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
The Location finder is not pre-populated with the locations based on the geo-coordinates in the URL. ​​509173 247183
The gallery splash image for video services other than YouTube is not shown in some geographical locations. ​​516834 247273
The Server Error Page should return HTTP code 500 instead of 200. ​​ 247325
​On a mobile device, a visitor is unable to swipe up or down in the Carousel. 40805​​​ 250221
The Date Picker component should use the current context language to display translated calendars. ​​514515 250618
The Variant tag should not be rendered when the tag is not selected​. 515121​​ 253519
The Multiroot Treelist item selector does not support multiple roots. 515219​​ 253926
The Data source of a rendering is always created in the English language instead of the current language​ of the page. ​​514683, 518445, 518957, 521666 254850
In the EXM Experience Editor, in the Data source dialog, the Create button doesn't work correctly. 516129, 518595​​​ 255361
In the Internal Link field, the Edit link experience button does not show a link selection dialog. 515600​​ 255525
Facet filters do not pass the Item ID to the server and this results in the wrong indexes being queried. ​​520809 255689
When handling a 500 error, the customErrors setting in the Web.config file is not taken into account. ​​516062 255691
The placeholders of a shared site are not listed in the Placeholder settings dialog. ​​516611 256433
The Local Placeholder setting displays incorrect names for dynamic placeholders​​. 517440​​​ 258360
When you select a variant of a component, no value is displayed. 517688​​ 286579
Fields with GUID based values in an SXA site are not properly replaced when the site is cloned. ​​517886 287628
The content in a snippet can't be removed if the snippet is in a splitter component​. ​​517827 287678
The Image component defaults to style="margin: 0px 0px" if the Space settings of the image are empty. ​​​518291 288593
In SXA, search only works for items under the Home site. 518430​​ 288824
A SectionVariant with the IsLink field selected, throws a Null exception if the Field used as link target field of the datasource item is not set. ​​518301 289780
In preview mode, the Accordion Item 1 text is not fully displayed in the rendering. ​​ 289932
In the Experience Editor, if the tenant name contains a hyphen, the Site Page Designs button returns an error. 518303​​ 289938
You cannot remove or add components from a snippet in any language​ other than the UI language. 517827, 521866​​​ 290142
When you publish, the caching options may not be properly flushed because the wrong site is resolved on the CD server. ​​517830, 523390 290325
SXA cross-site links do not work if the links are defined in different domains​. ​​ 290329
In the Experience Editor, media items that are uploaded from a Rich Text component, are not created in the context language​. 518949​​ 290662
When you apply personalization to an SXA rendering, the Solr Error : ["undefined field local"] error is shown. 516932​​ 290802
In the Creative Exchange Export settings dialog, unexpected additional sites may be displayed in the Site context section. ​​ 293640
The Insert link window doesn't show the current site's home node and it's child items. ​​519867, 522154, 523301, 523870 293880
A page does not inherit the placeholder settings that are defined for a Partial Design​. ​​519571 293964
In a Snippet component, nested data sources are not searchable.​ 519933​​​ 295374
Search does not work with a facet when it has a space in its name. ​​520829 298497
The Inheritance computed index field causes a NullReferenceException when you rebuild the analytics index. 521422​​ 300208
Links in a Rich Text field are rendered incorrectly in the Privacy Warning component. ​​521839 301848
​When you use the Bootstrap 4 grid, an extra unwanted row class is added around some placeholders. ​​522563, 522590 301904
When you create a new version of an item that is cloned using the Delegated Areas feature, a permissions issue causes an error. 520423​​ 296374
When you enter special characters like & or ? in the Search box, no results are returned and a JavaScript error appears in the browser console. ​​516898 257237
The multisite link provider can cause problems when generating a customized error page. 520345​​ 295034
The following error appears in the Internet Explorer​ browser console: Object doesn't support the property or method 'parseInt'. ​​​520179, 521301, 525215 295759
A potential memory leak is caused by using a platform method that is not suited for production code. ​​522137 300071