Release Notes

April 2018 – released Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.7 (rev. 180410)

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables parallel work streams (content, creative design, UX, coding) to not only reduce the time required to produce a website, but also improve the quality by allowing all contributors to validate each other's contributions. SXA provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.

New feature/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
​The new Generic HTML meta component allows you to add arbitrary HTML to a page. 11140
​Dynamic Placeholder enabled components now have a default placeholder settings item to fall back on if a specific item was not created. 11800
Generic links to media items can now be used to render images on the page using the new Responsive Image rendering variant field renderer. 11137
​The component editing logic has been removed from the JavaScript for the site theme and introduced as a separate Base editing theme. 11684
You can now use model properties to render HTML as the content of rendering variant tags.​ 11138
Verbose logging has been added for path replacements in the Set-NewLinkReference PowerShell command. 502191 11612
You can now dynamically boost search results per page based on the rules in the Sitecore rules engine.​ 11134
​You can now show previews of rendering variants in the Experience Editor experience toolbar drop-down. 11135
A container with a specified data source renders the components in its placeholder as if they were placed on the data source item. ​ 10025
JavaScript is no longer included in the themes created by SXA. A basic theme that contains the scripts is included instead. ​ 11678
​A new Responsive Image rendering variant field renderer has been added to enable all the components that support rendering variants to serve images of different dimensions based on the device size. 8328
You can now use out-of-the-box functionality to create a site that is hidden behind a custom login page.​ 500687 11351, 11325
You can now search for media in the search box component based on the media name and content. 501020 11414
​The user experience of the dialog for creating and selecting data sources has been improved.​​ 10451, 11384
​A calculated field processor that stores a value in the index depending on whether an item field is empty has been added. 11131
​A cloned site will now appear in the content tree automatically without having to refresh the view. 8625
Pages that contain search components will no longer add any hash parameters until a user interacts with the search component. 491621 9093
The Composite theme now inherits from the Basic theme.​ 9337
You can now define multiple link providers and switch to a custom provider on a site by site basis.​ 492500 9391
​The Creative Exchange Gulp watcher now recognizes changes in variant styles and compiles the CSS accordingly. ​ 9423
The open source JavaScript libraries have been updated to the latest versions. 10177, 11406
We have changed the nomenclature from Feature to Module for SXA functionalities enabled in sites and tenants to align with Helix.​ 10498
​We have added the Randomize sorting option to enable search results to return a set number of randomized results.​ 498466 10778
Filters now display values based on the language settings of the associated search results component. 498255 10966
Content is now tagged with the language specific tag name rather than the generic item name.​ 498255 10966
​The default rendering variants are now cloned along with the cloned component.​ 10747
Search query tokens functionality has been introduced together with tokens to allow authors to define context-related searches.​ 11128
​You can now defer the first search operation until the page visitor interacts with a search component. 11132
The Variant Query rendering is now able to use content search queries on top of previous Sitecore queries.​ 11136
The Placeholder Renderer rendering variant now has a checkbox that allows the designer to change the context so that the components in the placeholder are rendered as if they were part of the item that contains the rendering variant. 10012

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
​Deleting an original item from the delegated area source does not delete the delegated area clone. 9362
An SXA item that uses a data source query displays an error in the Content Editor when it is moved outside of the designated context.​ 500631, 503479, 504259 9582
The Metadata renderings do not appear after being dropped on a filled placeholder. 501684 9752
​The Overlay size setting does not affect the overlay page display. 498122 9752
​SXA can break the robots.txt functionality for non-SXA sites on the same Sitecore instance. 497222 10455
Resolving tokens in Standard Values can cause SXA scoped fields to show errors in the Content Editor. 497454 10531
Redirect item does not work on Sitecore 9.0​.​ 498540 10591
SXA interferes with the deployment of marketing definitions.​ 498122 10645
When importing the Creative Exchange package, any existing SXA style that contains a space is regarded as a new style.​ 497489 10660
Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Search.Azure.config breaks the Content Editor and front-end search. 497525 10690
There are possible conflicts between the type of an incoming field and the EDM type in the Azure search index.​​ 498122 10707
Some text is incorrectly translated in the Japanese UI. 497548 10721
​The Load More button can sometimes be displayed, even when the search results do not have any more content to show.​ 497420 10845
The JSON placeholder name is not unique and this causes the JSON component to disappear.​ 498660 10960
​The Experience Toolbar gets stuck on the first selected field when you apply a page design to the page but do not select a rendering on the page itself. 498460 10950
The active-facet style is removed from the Filter(Checklist) SXA Facet when an additional SXA facet is added on the page. 498548 10878
​Creative Exchange export to folder does not work in Sitecore XP 9.0 if it is defined as a relative path. 10946
Control characters are not escaped correctly in the JSON output.​ 499050 10973
A Check List Filter working with the Number/Integer field type, does not display values correctly. 499073 10974
​You cannot personalize the Carousel component. 11064
​The AssetLinksGenerator can leak database connections. 499451 11112
The Query String parameter is not rendered in the Link field. 499612, 503121 11146
Content search throws an exception when there is an item that has no version in the default language.​ 11149
​A global snippet is used instead of a local copy if the snippet is configured to prompt the user to make a choice. 499904 11152
The Page and Partial Designs from a shared site might not show up if the shared site and the local sites are in different languages. 499679 11159
​Components that contain dynamic placeholders may not work if the display language of the client is Japanese. 499869, 500779, 501710 11239
​A snippet in a component that contains a dynamic placeholder from a partial design renders incorrectly. 501205, 502332 11360
The workflow state of a datasource item is not updated when a page is moved through the workflow.​ 500922 11413
Navigation renders items that have no versions in the current language even if it is configured to skip empty values.​​ 501194 11445
Creative Exchange can fail to export and import the SXA Storefront theme. 503642, 502258 11448
​The SXA components require additional configuration to function correctly when you use the Presentation Details dialog to add them. 500914 11568
​Search Filters (Facets) do not take the search scope into consideration when displaying the content count. 503028 11611
Specifying sorting in the search scope causes an error to occur. 503634 11656
Date filters should use the UTC date format.​ 501332 11661
​The placeholder in some rendering variants is not rendered. 11692
The Unterminated identifier error occurs when you use the Link component in a shared site.​ 502234 11756
In the Experience Editor, the Associated Content button does not open the expected dialog.​ 502990 11802
The NVelocity templates are not releasing memory. 504706, 521749 245881, 243951
To prevent Sitecore from exceeding the maximum number of fields allowed in the Azure search indexes, unnecessary SXA fields should be excluded. 498162 10506