Release Notes

December 2022 – released Sitecore Experience Accelerator 10.3.0

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables parallel work streams (content, creative design, UX, coding) to not only reduce the time required to produce a website, but also improve the quality by allowing all contributors to validate each other's contributions. SXA provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.


  • ​You can now specify site-specific Standard Values.
  • ​Dynamic placeholders are now supported for headless sites.
  • ​​Both sitemap.xml and robots.txt are now supported for headless sites.
  • Redirect maps and redirect items are now supported for headless sites.
  • You can now use components, such as Image, Link List, Navigation, Page Content, Promo, Rich Text, Title, and Container, for headless sites.
  • ​Error pages and error handling are now supported for headless sites.

New features/improvements

Description ADO no.
​Security setup scripts are now available for headless tenants and sites.  295343
​An example configuration file for switching indexes to the SolrCloud SwitchOnRebuild type has been added. 305550
​​The option for sorting in descending order has been added to the filter components. 321408
The Select a Rendering dialog user experience has been improved. 332410
​You can now specify site-specific Standard Values. 440650
It is now possible to pull dependencies from node_modules in the custom script using SXA CLI. 489360
You can now create page branches for headless sites.​ 494033
​Dynamic placeholders are now supported for headless sites. 494038
You can now duplicate a page item containing only the page data folder and related data sources but not the subpages. 496811
The first page of pagination no longer contains a query string. 499815
You can now filter multiple search results with one search filter. 503450
​​Both sitemap.xml and robots.txt are now supported for headless sites. 504753
​Redirect maps and redirect items are now supported for headless sites. 504754
Parameterized DataSource and Sitecore Query can now be combined for TreelistEx fields in SXA. 505558
The Page Selector is now hidden when the page size is equal to the result count. 509188
The XA.Foundation.Multisite.Environment is now logged on Sitecore initialize. 524420
​The headless layout now contains three placeholders: Header, Main, and Footer. 526106
​​​​​If both pre-optimized-min and optimized-min are present, the GetOptimizedItemLink implementation serves the pre-optimized-min file. 534223
For headless sites, the term App Route has been changed to Page.​ 537806
The sitemap performance has been improved. 441521, 495426, 478843,374386
You can now use components, such as Image, Link List, Navigation, Page Content, Promo, Rich Text, Title, and Container, for headless sites. 494036, 516313
​Error pages and error handling are now supported for headless sites. 504755, 388663

Breaking changes

Description ADO no.
The following Flash types have been removed:
  • Sitecore.XA.Feature.Media.Repositories.FlashRepository
  • Sitecore.XA.Feature.Media.Repositories.IFlashRepository
  • Sitecore.XA.Feature.Media.Models.FlashRenderingModel
  • Sitecore.XA.Feature.Media.Models.FlashWmode
  • Sitecore.XA.Feature.Media.Controllers.FlashController
  • The following Publishing type has been removed:
  • Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Publication.Pipelines.PublishEndResultBatch.CheckMediaItemPath
  • Resolved issues

    The following issues have been fixed:

    Description ADO no.
    ​If you are moving a subitem of the original item in the content tree, the structure of the delegated area is not updated. 337330
    ​The Ignore other caching settings override with defined below [shared] check box is missing in the caching properties of Metadata renderings. 371363
    ​Empty non-editable placeholders are rendered in Experience Editor after SXA is installed. 381218
    If you create an item with a layout, the computed HasLayout field is incorrect because the code only checks the FinalRenderings field. 393561
    If you use the wrong text case when triggering index resolution, the IndexResolver logic does not work. 402408
    If you upload media items under the Media item of your site, an error occurs. 414453
    If you edit Base Variant Field and select a Bucketing condition, an error occurs when you request a page that references that field. 423936
    If the Host Name field is not empty and does not have a * value, ​the static server error page is not generated. 445471
    If you view the row or columns splitter of a duplicated snippet, a GridParameters rendering parameter that does not exist in the original snippet is added. 453354
    If you create a new theme using SXA CLI with a password that contains special characters, an error occurs, and the theme is not created. 460821
    If you create an item from a template that has a Taglist field, an error occurs. 463301
    The this.manageVisibilityByData method results to an error in the browsing console when using the search drop-down filter. 464003
    If links are defined in different domains, the SXA cross-site links do not work. 466226
    If you duplicate an item with spaces in its name, SXA doesn't prepend the duplicated item's name with Copy of. 466513
    ​If a site/Home item has Enforce Version Presence enabled and published using a non-existing language, the custom 404 page is not shown. 479794
    If you enable Language Embedding on a site, the SXA sitemap contains duplicated nodes. 482136
    If you open a specific language version of a page using a language code and Enforce Version Presence is set to true, an error is shown. 482314
    The INFO Excessive index crawling ID:{47017C3D-10B2-4916-956B-6239546D232C} message is shown in the log files. 486723
    If you link a data source item to a personalization variant of a component, the page item does not have a link to the data source item. 486936
    ​The canonical URL is always constructed based on the request scheme. 488748
    ​The Link List component displays empty links for items that do not exist in the current language version. 489205
    The Upload File dialog does not have the correct size. 489320
    The Page Selector does not return to the first page where the results are located. 489409
    In the Experience Editor, if you edit a link pointing to a broken link, a System.ArgumentNullException is thrown. 490009
    If a component is on a partial design, the theme is not loaded on the device fallback. 491679
    If a query is used in the field source, the field control fails and throws a System.ArgumentNullException error. 492086
    If you add a new version to a source item, the cloned item in the delegated area does not display a new version notification. 492143
    If you clone a site that contains a key and a phrase in the Dictionary Entry, the cloned site displays the phrase of the original site. 494770
    The Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Publication.Pipelines.PublishEndResultBatch.CheckMediaItemPath processor triggers too many publishing jobs in Sitecore Publishing Service. 495691
    If you click the Show More or Show Less button in a Filter (Checklist) component, the selected check boxes are cleared. 496213
    If you enter a value in a search box and press Enter, search boxes having different signatures are populated with the same value. 496257
    In the Experience Editor, the Insert a Link dialog does not consider the link source value. 496855
    ​The Sitecore.XA.Feature.SiteMetadata.Services.ExternalLinkGenerator.GetExternalUrl method does not respect the SXA site scheme. 497016
    If you render a metadata partial design, the HTML output ends with a / tag. 499630
    If a Twitter component on a page uses a username and hashtag in the Twitter data, the component does not show any tweets. 499925
    If you add nested items using a local data source, the items are not created in the context language. 500500
    If you enter text in a search box, click the search phrase prediction, and then click any part of the page, the prediction in the search box changes to the entered text. 500952
    If you add a new language version to a source item, the cloned item in the delegated area does not create the new language. 501147
    If a composite rendering has personalization, a lock convoy appears when the site is under load. 501653
    If you change a Page Size component's default value, the page size shown by the Search Result component does not change. 501762
    If you edit the properties of a toggle component and select any value from the Easing function drop-down, the toggle rendering does not work. 503030
    If an SXA page has personalization on a non-composite component, ​the InjectCompositeComponents processor does not cache the results. 504495
    The publish:end event can throw an Identifier, GUID or "*" expected at position 50 error when publishing some items. 505094
    If you add a page branch in Experience Editor using the Page Branch functionality, an exception for the item:saving event occurs. 505384
    If you create items using a page branch, the items are added to the root node of the bucket item. 505430
    The Convert data sources to GUID script fails with a shared layout. 505516
    If you use the Load More component, not all the search results are shown when you use the Dropdown Filter component. 505518
    If an A/B test is running for two versions of a page, the browser title of the page doesn't change. 505812
    ​The Cannot destructure property 'datasource' of '' as it is undefined error can be thrown when pre-rendering a page. 506046
    If you enable Language Embedding on an SXA site, the redirect URL contains duplicate query string parameters. 506172
    If you request the JSON data of a page with an image using sc_device=json, the​ArgumentNullException is thrown. 506611
    ​A duplicate of <renderingContentsResolver> in the SXA configuration causes an error. 506612
    If you request a page having a navigation component with a Scriban item in the rendering variant, an ​ArgumentNullException occurs for sc_device=json. 506615
    If the Dynamic Placeholder ID field is not empty, SXA composite items have missing grid values. 507121
    In the SXA site definition, if you set ​the Disable Browser Caching field to Yes, browser caching is not disabled. 507660
    The Cleanup Data Folder script removes the data source that is referenced using a page: prefix. 507883
    If there is no sxasitename#sc_mode=edit cookie, ​the rendering variants drop-down list is not shown. 508788
    The SXA implementation of RenderingParameters is not thread-safe. 509855
    ​The CustomRenderingViewPathCacheClearer handler of the publish:end:remote event fails on the CD instance. 509873
    If a Responsive Image variant field points to a broken link, a NullReferenceException error occurs. 510088
    ​If you сlick the Edit the variations button on a page using partial design with a component rendering variant, an error is thrown. 512464
    ​The GeneralLinkFieldSerializer functionality does not work correctly. 513054
    ​The Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Multisite.SiteInfoResolver.IsMatchingPath method has been optimized to better handle concurrent requests. 513267
    If you wrap a content token in a span, ​the RenderContentToken processor incorrectly replaces the content token. 513565
    If you publish a master item with a selected language, the cloned item in the delegated area is always published in all languages. 513594
    If the default content language is not English, the Media folder of the site cannot be expanded. 513790
    The SXA Razor views are not precompiled causing a slow application startup. 514329
    If you publish scripts under Commerce Components Theme, the optimized-min file is not deleted. 514374
    In the Hyperlink manager dialog, the ​Target value of an RTE field is not shown correctly. 514460
    ​If you create a new version of a page or a component, the cloned item in the delegated area does not create a new version. 515282
    ​In an SXA Twitter component, the tweetItem.IsRetweeted value is always false. 515300
    ​The SiteInfoResolver only uses rootPath and does not use startItem when resolving a site for items. 515338
    ​The performance of the SearchDataSource component can be slow if many data sources are found. 516002
    DictionaryCache is not thread-safe and causes infinite loop when updated concurrently. 516880
    If you enable Language Embedding and useDisplayName is set to true, the hreflang="x-default" link in the SXA sitemap is incorrect. 518783
    The SXA search requests contain a double slash. 520431
    If you create a datasource for a link component, the link to the file is incorrect and cannot be downloaded. 521591
    If a parent item has Modified [Not set] by -., media folders are removed when publishing using the Publishing Service. 522438
    If you add a link using the Hyperlink Manager, the ID field of the Anchor is missing. 522559
    If ​InitializeSites is done in the context of a user request, the site definition is incorrect. 522598
    If child tabs are stored at the same level as parent tabs and a page: prefix is applied, ​publishing related items doesn't publish the content of related child tabs. 523261
    The Personalize the component functionality can throw an error. 525283
    If you edit a general link in Experience Editor, a Null identifiers are not allowed error is thrown. 525404
    If you publish changes in the presentation details in partial design from a shared site, old content is shown because the HTML cache is not cleared. 525943
    The SiteInfoResolverCacheClearer method clears the cache of the entire database on each item update which can lead to performance issues in the Experience Editor. 526006
    ​If you edit the Custom Metadata section, the metadata tag is created with capitalized attribute names. 526251
    If an item contains a Multilist field named links, ​the site clone script fails, and an error is shown. 526965
    If you create an item with many languages and enableItemLanguageFallback is set to true, the sitemap takes a long time to load. 527119
    If a user doesn't have read access to SXA JSS sites, the configuration for the SXA JSS sites is incorrect. 528580
    If you personalize the component, changes for variant conditions are not saved. 528882
    If you use an apostrophe in a facet value, the SXA Checklist search filter does not work correctly. 529041
    ​If you publish a cloned SXA item, there is an inconsistency in the user doing the publish operation. 529400
    If you use the Is download link field in a rendering variant, the Search Results component does not work. 529903
    When upgrading from SXA 9.3 to SXA 10.3, if the site doesn't have the Redirect module installed, the upgrade will now proceed without being aborted by an exception. 532927
    The DictionaryCache usage is not thread-safe. 533273
    If you add nested items using a local data source, the items are duplicated for each context language. 533662
    If you publish using Sitecore Publishing Service, subitems of default SPE/SXA items are not published as resources. 536718
    ​The publish:end:remote event can throw an Invalid event arg type: Sitecore.Data.Events.PublishEndRemoteEventArgs error. 537078
    If the Link Provider name field is set to switchableLinkProvider, performance degradation occurs. 537659
    If a Scope uses a sort by date query, a Specified time is not supported in this calendar error appears in the search results. 539302
    The og:image URL is generated twice creating duplicate hostNames. 540860
    The Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Multisite.Services.PushCloneService.Move method can throw a ​NullReferenceException error. 542592
    If you load the email body of an EXM email, an Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'PageEditor') error is displayed. 544266
    If you use Creative Exchange to export a site with a custom link provider that is set with alwaysIncludeServerUrl='false', the created content structure is incorrect. 547159
    ​The Container component's Background Image field is published by sitecore\Anonymous. 549696
    ​​Some security vulnerabilities have been fixed. 528929, 520366, 524045