Release Notes

March 2018 - released Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 Update-1


Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-1 is a corrective content release only; there are no new features.


Resolved issues

The following table lists the most visible corrective content included in Update-1. Other less visible fixes were included also, but not listed here.

Area Description Identifier(s)
Indexing Indexing: After updating a sellable item in the Business Tools, the sellable item wes disappeared from the Storefront after the indexing strategy had run. 36040
Indexing indexing: Incremental Sitecore indexing is not working, preventing finding results when 35073
Indexing Indexing: Incremental indexing incorrectly altered fields being indexed, for example some fields went missing. 36344
Indexing Incremental indexing for sellable items isn't completing; takes multiple iterations to work through products. 36728
Indexing Indexing: The CatalogItemsIndex incremental indexing counter incorrectly reports 0 items indexed in Minion log file, instead of the actual number of index runs. 36048
Search Azure search: When searching for a sellable item, the autocomplete functionality displays duplicate results of the item. 35887
Content Editor Content Editor: In the Sitecore Content Editor, entering a product ID does not return the correct path to the product item. The correct path is only visible from the Business Tools UI. 36035
Content Editor Content Editor: In the Content Editor, update a standard field for a product, but the change is not persisted in the Content Editor. In order to see the change, the Commerce caches need to be refreshed. 36041
Business Tools Business Tools: Calendar display in Bus Tools dialog box gets cut off, requiring user to scroll down. 32515
Business Tools The Autocomplete feature and associated association action incorrectly results in displaying the full product IDs. 33790
Business Tools Business Tools: The merchandiser is unable to test a promotion in the authoring (CM) instance of Storefront, before it gets approved and implemented in the externally facing Storefront. 34869
Business Tools Business Tools: Adding a price in German format gives error, "Invalid or missing value for property 'Price'." 35292
Business Tools Business Tools: It is unclear how to deactivate a customer from the Customers section of the Business Tools. 35424
Business Tools After the customer has completed a checkout including an Item level discount, the item level discount text is not displaying in the corresponding order in the Business Tools user interface. 35476
Business Tools Business Tools: In the Business Tools Promotions section, there is no autocomplete functionality when searching. Users need to type the target item ID in the precise format. 35604
Business Tools Business Tools: in the Add promotion dialog box it is difficult to distinguish Sellable Items from Variants in the search results. They should be more clearly distinguishable. 35700
Business Tools Business Tools: unable to add a Sellable item after a previous invalid Sellable item has been removed. 35979
Business Tools Busines Tools: "Undo Hold" does not undo a held order. It undoes the changes to a held order. Change this to "Undo Changes". 36072
On checkout billing page, when an invalid gift card number is entered, the field validation message is not present.
Promoted Products: selecting a pre-defined list of products shows the entire content tree.
On the minicart, when a line is removed from the Minicart, the Minicart collapses and the user is not able to see the animation or the removal of content.
Related products are not showing correctly in Storefront's Product Detail page.
The Product ratings feature is not supported in the sample Catalog, but yet the ratings feature displays in the Storefront on the Product Category, Product Details and Promoted Products pages. The ratings feature display needs to be removed from the Storefront.
On the Edit/Add Address page, two error messages were displayed when State code is invalid.
Storefront The currency selected (CurrencyCode property) on the Storefront is not correctly transferred to Commerce Engine backend. 33323
The home page with carousel does not display correctly in certain scenarios, for example when selecting the "Show More" button on the Home Page to see more promoted products, then refreshing the page.
Error with Internal links. Example: as part of adding a page to a site, in the Control Properties dialog box, insert a link. In the Insert Link dialog box select the Home node to expand the tree, but the result is that nothing displays in the tree.
The Mockup2 theme does not apply correctly. On the Home, Category or Product detail page the expected mock image does not display instead of the product image, as it should.
The Storefront logo URL is incorrect in a VDIR created site, resulting in error "The requested document was not found".
The scaffolding script and the new storefront template does not support multilingual items; scaffolding must support the languages supported by the remainder of the solution. 35907
Storefront On product landing pages, product information is not displayed. The product information section is blank.
Drag and drop components are not working on Product Details Pages and Landing Pages. Instead an error occurs, a graphic continues spinning where the component was dropped, and the page does not function.
Storefront In the Control Panel it is not possible to enter a sub-category as a Start Navigation category. Instead, the field is cleared and is left blank. Even when saving and changing the view to raw values, the field is blank.
Storefront Search results are showing products that are not intended to be available on a storefront, for example searching within an audio products department returns fridges. 
Storefront On landing pages, on the presentation details some items may report broken links.
Storefront Storefront: Inventory status is not always displayed correctly in the Product List page and on Promoted Products. 36696
Storefront In the Experience Editor, saving a page containing an added component that includes links results in an error reporting broken links.
Deployment InitializeEnvironment for HabitatShops fails when running through IIS, if it has not completed after ~2 minutes. It presents a 502.3 Bad Gateway error. 33339
Deployment The Storefront is not loaded properly when the role of the site is set to CD 35531
Deployment The global.json file is missing entries for completed RMAs and journal entries from ListsToMigrate 36080
Deployment The content tree is not synchronized with Sitecore during deployment. It needs to be enabled by default.


Deployment Deployment: the Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) based deployment script does not correctly replace the default SQL instance name with the actual specified names during the deployment. This applies for the Identity Server and other servers/json files.
Commerce administrator role does not have sufficient privileges. Should have the privileges of all the other roles.
23864, 25436

Known issues

Refer to the release notes in the Sitecore XC 9.0 Initial Release for known issues, and incomplete new features. 


Refer to the Installation Guides (On Premises or Azure App Service) for software pre-requisites.