Release Notes

October 2022 – released Sitecore CLI 5.1.25


Sitecore CLI 5.1.25 includes:

  • Sitecore CLI now supports Linux based environments.
  • Integrated telemetry will help us improve Cli user experience.
  • Integrated version compatibility check will help to prevent issues with unsupported versions of Sitecore Management Services.
  • Sitecore Cli is ready for the Sitecore XMCloud.

New features/improvements

​Added audience suport to OAuth authorization flow.​
Default publishing target resolving.
Added support for references environments.
Sitecore ExperienceEdge publishing support.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

Description ADO no.
The push command of the CLI serialization is not case-sensitive. 549948
​Could not locate plugin [email protected]. 540750
The "dotnet sitecore ser validate --fix" fails to rename a *.yml file.​ 528918
Serialization push does not work if there is no 'en' version.​ 526511
GraphQL.ExecutionError while executing push command after deleting the modified default item.​ 522845
Serialized YML files are not removed from the file system after deleting them from database if they fall under the "DescendantsOnly" scope.​ 522659
NonUniquePathException in CLI when multiple items with the same name are present under different folders.​ 522517