Release Notes

November 2018 – released Sitecore Azure Toolkit 2.1.0

New features/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
​​​​When you prepare WDP packages from on-prem Sitecore instances, you can use the credentials of the current Windows account to package the Sitecore databases instead of the accounts specified in the connection strings​. 224601
You can now package and deploy WDPs created on your local Sitecore solution that was installed with SIF. ​​On-prem service accounts can be overwritten with accounts defined in the ARM templates. ​​ 224492
You can use the ConvertTo-SCModuleWebDeployPackage and Update-SCWebDeployPackage PowerShell commands to disable the SqlDatabaseOptions setting and deploy the same module WDP package to an on-prem and to a cloud instance of Sitecore. 255994