Release Notes

May 2017 - released Sitecore Azure Tookit 1.1 rev. 170509

This is a feature release of Sitecore Azure Toolkit.

New features

  • Separate infrastructure and application deployment ARM templates.
  • Support for installing Sitecore modules, including:
    • Support for converting Sitecore packages into WDP packages.
    • Support for installing modules as part of ARM provisioning call.
    • Sample ARM templates for various Sitecore environment configurations.
  • Support for Web Forms For Marketers 8.2 Update-3 with Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 Update-3
    • Web Deploy packages are available on Web Forms for Marketers module download page.
    • ARM templates are available on Github.
    • Instructions to add Web Forms for Marketers to your deployment are available on Documentation site.