Komfo Connector 1.0

Note that Sitecore no longer supports Komfo Connector. Please refer any questions or support issues directly to Komfo.

Komfo Connector provides a simple and effective way to create custom audiences using Sitecore xDB data that can be used for advertising on social networks. The tool also provides quick access to the Komfo platform and gives an analytics overview of the social channel, therefore allowing social media marketers to bring the power of Sitecore’s xDB segmentation, list management and campaign creation together with Komfo’s media management tools.


Resource Description
Komfo Connector Download the files that you need for the installation of the Komfo Connector module.

Release Information

Resource Description
Release Notes A list of features, improvements, and fixes that have been implemented in this release.
Installation Guide The installation procedure for the Komfo Connector module.
Documentation Documentation for the Komfo Connector module.