Email Experience Manager in Sitecore 9.1

This page contains all the resources for EXM in Sitecore 9.1.

EXM is now included with Sitecore
• With Sitecore 9.0 Update-1 and onwards, EXM does not need to be installed as a separate module.
• You can only migrate EXM to Sitecore 9.0 Update-1 or later. It is not part of the upgrade procedure when upgrading from Sitecore 8.x. From Sitecore 9.0 Update-1 and later it is part of the upgrade procedure.
• Find the relevant resources for migrating EXM 3.5 to Sitecore 9.1 below.
Release information
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Resource Description
Migrate Lists admin script An administration script that upgrades legacy contact lists to the new Sitecore 9 format and deploys them to xConnect.

Release Information

Resource Description
Migration guide This guide outlines how to migrate Content, Files, Data, and Analytics to a new Sitecore 9.0 Update-2 installation.