Release notes

Release History for Email Experience Manager - formerly Email Campaign Manager (ECM)

April 30, 2015

Email Experience Manager (EXM) 3.0 rev. 150429 is released.


EXM 3.0 rev. 150429 (Update-3) is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform rev. 150427 (8.0 Update-3)

Resolved issues
  • When customers dispatched email messages synchronously on several threads, performance was severely degraded. This has been improved with several performance fixes. (431762)

  • The dispatch pipeline was often aborted if there was an error, even if the error was non-critical. This has been changed so the dispatch pipeline is now paused instead, allowing customers to fix the problem and resume the dispatch. (434929)

  • There was an error when viewstate failed to load in the Select Role dialog. This has been fixed. (430969)

  • There have been numerous UI, UX, and stability fixes to the EXM module.

February 26, 2015

Email Experience Manager (EXM) 3.0 rev. 150223 is released.


EXM 3.0 rev. 150223 (Update-2) is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform rev. 150223 (8.0 Update-2).

Resolved issues
  • The A/B recurring tests started regardless of the interval that was selected. This has been fixed (38439)

  • The message performance report did not have data even though the analytics data and Funnel homepage showed data. This has been fixed. (38431)

  • Changes in the message subject were not being saved automatically when the dispatch process was started. This has been fixed. (37873)

  • The external links from test messages did not open in a distributed environment. This has been fixed. (38394)

  • The online version of messages was not shown. This has been fixed. (38779)

  • The import of contacts did not work as expected in a scaling environment. This has been fixed. (37297)

  • The Engagement Plan Supervisor trigger action failed. This has been fixed. (37098)

  • Unsubscribed user visits were counted as visits in message performance. This has been fixed. (37713)

  • The emulation of send messages did not work for triggered messages. This has been fixed. (35150)

  • A/B test messages could not be scheduled for specified activation start date and activation end dates. This has been fixed. (37726)

January 30, 2015

Email Experience Manager (EXM) 3.0 rev. 150126 is released.


EXM 3.0 rev. 150126 (Update-1) is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform 8.0 rev. 150121 (8.0 Update-1).

Resolved issues
  • Variants were not sent in equal numbers for A/B testing dispatch on certain dedicated servers setups. This has been fixed. (25686)

  • If a list was locked, A/B testing on messages using that list did not start. This has been fixed. (25717)

  • The send email campaign and edit email audience actions were not triggered from the state. This has been fixed. (23737)

  • Creating a schedule or a recurring schedule with Moscow time did not schedule the message. This has been fixed. (25653)

  • Canceling a recurring schedule of a message after it had been sent was not possible. Instead, the user had to delete the scheduled item in the Content Editor. This has been fixed.(25652)

  • Two Alternative Text fields were displayed when the user inserted a token in a hidden Alt text field. This has been fixed. (25645)

  • The message body was not refreshed after editing if changes in the Subject field were not saved. This has been fixed. (25268)

  • Scheduled triggered messages for activation didn't show the message in the Scheduled messages list. This has been fixed. (25202)

  • New presentation components could not be added to the message in the Experience Editor. This has been fixed. (23497)

  • The Export message recipient’s action did not work correct. This has been fixed. (25697)

  • Sender details were not disabled for messages created based on the Subscription message template. This has been fixed. (15401)

December 19, 2014

Email Experience Manager (EXM) 3.0 rev. 141217 is released.


EXM 3.0 rev. 141217 (Initial Release) is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform rev. 141212 (8.0 Initial Release).

Resolved issues and improvements

EXM 3.0 is built on the new SPEAK framework.

  • The List Manager is now integrated and uses contact lists and segmented lists to send emails.

  • User-defined opt-in and opt-out lists for messages have been added to give better control on subscriptions.

  • The ability to set a global opt-out list per root manager has been introduced. This gives better flexibility to manage the global opt-out list and allows more control over opt-out list for global business scenarios.

  • The Recurring dispatches feature has been added, allowing new business use cases and a number of new email marketing scenarios. For example, birthday campaigns that are sent out to a segmented list on their birthday, or a renewal campaign that is sent out to all customers when their subscription is about to expire.

  • Offers the ability to select a list and instruct EXM to remove bounces or unsubscribers from it, helping to deliver better conformance to subscription requirements.

  • All dates are now stored in UTC and displayed in local client time.

  • Dispatching and personalization now use a unified recipient model instead of a specific source.

  • A new Create menu has been introduced for improved usability.

  • Message tasks now use lazy loading to load the content of the message data. This results in faster message loading and helps users be more productive.

  • Users can now set the recipient list for triggered messages instead of automatic creation.

  • When emails are generated, the Email channel is now automatically added to the trackable email links.

  • The following pipelines have been introduced for a better and flexible recipient model:

    • getSitecoreUserRecipient 

    • getXdbContactRecipient

    • updateContactInfo

    • handleUndeliveredMessage.